Wrapping up Tennis

I really want to skip a few days, would you mind? No, okay so let’s bullet point or else I will never get this all written.

  • Tuesday morning we took the gals to the Barra shopping mall and went back to that Italian restaurant I bragged about and I’m confident everyone enjoyed it.
  • Tuesday night tennis, OY! Gold medal match. I hope most of you were able to watch and if you weren’t, the USA played some brilliant tennis, only problem….their opponents weren’t Quadriplegics…..
  • USA took silver medal and that’s not a sad story to tell.



I think we got some decent sleep that night although we have been waking  up at the same time we do at home, which really isn’t cool. I’m sure come the weekend we will be pros at sleeping in, just in time to go home to the girls.

Wednesday Wags had his bronze medal match. We sat in the hot sun and watched what we thought was going to be a hard loss. Somewhere he found the strength to dig deep and he won 5 straight games in the third set to win the medal. It was very stressful but pure greatness to watch.




The medal ceremony wasn’t going to be held until after the last match of the day. That gave us a few hours to hang around, which we weren’t strangers at doing.

We grabbed some lunch and sat around chatting over beers until the time came.


Brazilian fans are some of the best fans


the best food at the Olympic venue


We wrapped up the night with watching Wags receive his 8th medal, which is the most of any male tennis player …ever. You guys, that is pretty fucking awesome!


Pepé Beach

Im not getting these posts out very fast, we have closed down the Olympic venue two nights in a row and aren’t getting to bed until after midnight…yawn.

Monday morning we met the ladies out on the street, grabbed two cabs and headed down to Pepe beach. The sidewalks are sprinkled with Kiosks serving beer and snacks. One in particular, an Argentina place serving fresh fish was supposed to be really good. But once we got down there we realized it was closed, probably for the winter. Plan B. We walked, up and down the beach, planning our next visit. Maybe we will paddle board, definitely take a dip in the ocean and rent a beach chair to sit and soak up some rays.


There were benches lining the pier and under each one was a cat along with a bowl of water and kibble. img_9948


We wandered into a seafood restaurant and was greeted by  a very humorous and kind Mâitre D. Sharing a couple of mediocre dishes, seafood paella and fish stew we watched the palm trees sway in the tropical breeze.


Once our bellies were full we took advantage of one of the kiosks. Kicked our feet up and sipped on a cold drink.


After lapping up the sights we jumped in taxis and went back to our condos to prep for tennis. On our way home, our taxi was hit by another car, we were fine. The drivers got out, yelled at each other for a few minutes and then we were back on our way.

The tennis part of the day wasn’t as good as the beach. Wags had a tough match against GB and lost his chance at the gold medal. It was a long night and hit on our emotions a tad too hard. We didn’t get back until very late and we were out once our heads hit the pillow.




Everywhere You Go

Yesterday, sheesh seems like forever. We started the day at Olympic park and headed to cycling. Another event I have never seen. To say I was blown away is an understatement. Shane said it best “wow, that gave me chills.” To watch these athletes break world records with one leg or prosthetics is incredible and I wish you all could see it live one day.



Time came to head over to the tennis venue to watch Nick (David’s doubles partner) play the first match of the day. Unfortunately that would be Nick’s last singles match as he lost.

On a good note, David played very well and won… I want to say easily but I don’t want to jinx anything.fullsizerender-3The crowds of people here are insane. I know it looks by some of the photos that we are the only ones here, but that is NOT the case. I also want to give a shout out to the Carioca’s (people of Brazil) they have been  nothing but friendly, helpful and fun loving.

After David’s match Shane and I decided to venture out a bit. I did a little research before coming here on things to do, see and eat. Barra Shopping Mall is the biggest mall in all of the county and home to a few very good restaurants, so I am told. We walked a few blocks hoping to grab an Uber but phone service wasn’t working in our favor. Instead we flagged down a cab and was reached our destination within minutes and no problems.

After some important shopping…


we ate at a recommended restaurant. By far the best meal we have had and hopefully not the last. We started with croquettes and Caprioska’s ( that is a Caprihini but made with vodka instead of rum)


We finished the meal with perfectly cooked ravioli filled with burrata in a saffron tomato cream sauce…You guys, it was SO GOOD!


After our meal we hopped back in a cab and made it safely home after dark. We popped into the bar in our resort and chatted with a British man for a few hours over beers and Caprioskas. What more could we ask for?

Let’s Watch Tennis

Do you know what happens when you go to bed at 7:30 p.m.? You wake up at 3:00 a.m. and that is a fact, at least for me. Instead of stressing about the time and worrying when the girls were going to wake up, I scrolled through Instagram, read a few chapters  of my book and then fell back to sleep. I woke to Shane making coffee at 6:45, not bad….hoping for maybe 7:00 tomorrow.

After a very casual breakfast we went to meet the gang at the Olympic venue. Cathy was able to get  us tickets to see some swimming, something I haven’t been able to do yet.



Shane and I decided to head back to the apartment to change and grab some lunch before watching tennis. Apparently a few hundred other people had the same idea and we weren’t having much luck in the food department. We finally settled on some “street” pizza, that is what I am going to call it. More like a pop up tent with some beers and pizza, I think there were fries and hot dogs too…

img_9879Doesn’t look terrible does it? Don’t let the picture fool you, it wasn’t good, like at all. AND can we talk about why other countries feel the need to douse their food in warm mayo? Warm mayo is like what would happen if men produced milk, it would taste so bad. You’re welcome for that!

Once back at the tennis venue we settled in for a few matches. As the sun went down we watched Wag’s win his first match of the Paralympics 6-4 6-4.


He had some fans waiting for him afterwards, kids longing for autographs.


And then we all took the obligatory photo together with our wonderful matching ( ahem sarcasm font) t-shirts on.


We finished the evening with dinner at a restaurant near our abode. Nothing great, just okay food. Well the coconut cake was pretty delicious but all I have to show for it is a picture of our beers.


Today is Shane and my 10 year wedding anniversary. At this time 10 years ago we were a little bit drunk probably very loud. Eight years ago we were in China at the closing ceremonies of the Paralympics. Four years ago we were being serenaded by Chris Martin, Jay Z and Rhianna at the London closing ceremonies and tonight we are settled in our place with Brahma cerveja, so maybe I should say goodnight and talk to him instead of you.

Boa Noite.

Trick, Treat and Tennis

Averi had a hard time waiting around for the sun to go down, she was one un happy camper.


Kaili was just eager. We were going to Trick or Treat with her little neighbor friend, I think that was the most exciting part.

IMG_0114By the time we were ready to head out, everyone was in a better mood.

IMG_6429Averi went up to a few houses and then happily sat in the stroller taking it all in. Kaili went for about 2 hours, we finally had to drag her home to get the baby to bed.

The next morning they were both up early, as always, and thanks to DLS time ending, sleep has been shit ever since.


We spent the following weekend in Orange county watching the two final matches of the Tennis Doubles Masters. Even though the kids were in the beginning stages of colds, they did pretty good. I was thankful to have family support at the final  to help wrangle the kids so I could enjoy the match, because it was a good one.

Nick and Wags, Champions once again.

IMG_6496 IMG_6506

I was dreading the drive home, traffic looked bad and both kids were on their last leg but they were fine. Both slept part of the way and I think they were so done, they didn’t even have the energy to cry about it.


Let’s Catch Up

Can anyone tell me what happened? This past week is a blur, I was in San Diego then Orange County and back again….back again. I am pretty sure I left off after my Dr. appointment, is that right?

If so, we spent Friday up in the OC. We cheered on David Wagner’s doubles partner Nick as he fought for third place, we didn’t cheer loud enough and he lost.


After, we ate our sorrows away.

Sitting on the Mission Viejo lake we devoured an amazing anchovy and caper dotted Caesar salad and garlic infused pizza.

Later in the evening we went back to the tennis center for the guys’ doubles match. I am so grateful for all the friends and family that made it out for this tournament.

They won.

Of course  they did!


Thankful for Grandpa, we were able to go out for a sushi feast after the match. I am still drooling thinking about one of those damn rolls, so good.

The better half of Saturday was spent at the Tennis Center, eating, drinking, tennis.



They won again.

Uh huh, we get the picture.

We drove back home  {San Damn Diego} later that evening and spent the rest of the weekend trying our hardest not to move from the couch or from the T.V.

Football, Homeland, Hello Ladies. Are you watching?

We watched David and Nick play their doubles final online, they won!!

Monday, Kaili woke me up early, 5 am early.

Anyone want her? I am trading her in for a new one, preferably one that sleeps in.

We hit the road by 10 am heading back to Mission Viejo to watch David play the Masters final. Kaili was a true monster the whole way up but once I told her I was going to leave her in Mission Viejo, she cheered up, fast.

The finals match started rough, I won’t lie. David was down 6-0 the first set.




However he kicked it into gear and got the job done in the third set.


NEC wheelchair Masters champion
NEC wheelchair Masters champion
Giving him Congrats
Giving him Congrats

David Wagner wrapped it up. The NEC wheelchair Masters champ….again.

Thank you to y’all who made it out!

Masters Arrive In O.C.

Kaili and I drove up to OC as soon as traffic let up Tuesday morning. Doesn’t this look like the perfect weather for a tennis tournament?


We got to the tennis venue a little before David’s first match. The place is really nice, decked out with a lot of comfy seating, food and drinks.


Wags kept us on our toes the first set of his match, finally winning it in a tie-breaker. My pictures of him playing have not turned out well so I will give you a glimpse and then carry on.


He killed it in the second set 6-0 kicking off his winning streak. Kaili gave her uncle a celebratory hug after the match.


The nice thing about this Mission Viejo tennis center is that center court is really open, allowing me to watch the match while Kaili wandered around in circles. She wasn’t going to sit for more than the allowed time it took to eat a fun size bag of skittles. Bribing them with candy will buy you at least 5 minutes. WINNING!

IMG_1205 IMG_1206 IMG_1201

The second day kicked off almost the same way. With warmer weather and  a more stressful first set, our fat heads came in handy. Each day I see the venue getting more and more crowded. This weekend should have a good turnout.

IMG_1227 IMG_1273

My dad came with me helping me wrangle the kid. He wandered around with her allowing me to actually sit and watch the second set. Thanks dad!

IMG_1236 IMG_1239

Wags once again killed it 6-0 in the second set reminding us all why he is the best!


We can’t make tomorrows matches but will be up there for the evening doubles match on Friday. I feel another win coming!

Vacation and Actuality

Our getaway to Arizona was perfection but man oh man ( woman oh woman?) reality really does smack you in the face as soon as you walk in your own front door. I missed K terribly but to be completely honest, it’s hard to jump right back into the whole parenting obligations. Now don’t take this the wrong way, I was eager to see her, more than you can imagine but she was just getting a cold so her attiTUDE wasn’t the best. Welcome home mommy now go away! Ah, if she only knew what I went through to get her here.

Vacationing…..once you have kids, even if you leave them behind, will never  be the same. PERIOD.

Ok, enough whining, or wining? Did I mention how tan I am, how many hours I spent in the sun not doing a god damn thing? That is what a quick vacation is all about! <—actually that is not true, we spent about 10 hours playing basketball in the pool.

IMG_0544 IMG_0401 IMG_0408 IMG_0447 IMG_0548


I actually did leave the house more than once. Since the guys had their Thursday football plans, Kristi took me out to the lake for a bloody mary. Chick didn’t tell me it’s a death walk to get down there.

IMG_0509 IMG_0513

These stairs were no joke, stable and steady they were not.


Once on the dock, we hit Dillon’s for some marginal food, a decent bloody mary but a great view and amazing company!IMG_0525 IMG_0539 IMG_0531 IMG_0534

And no, the walk back up up those damn stairs wasn’t fun either but I am pretty sure I burnt off  two sips of this bad boy!

I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed ourselves on our getaway. We only had a few hang-ups.

The house we rented through VRBO stated it was wheelchair friendly, I took that as a chair should be able to get into and all throughout the house, including the outside. This was not the case. I haven’t done my research on what the rules are. Should it say wheelchair compliant? Anyone? But now I know I need to be more thorough.

Long story short, a little tweek here, a door off the hinge there and we were all good with that situation.

We also had a itty bitty problemo (go away auto correct) with the alarm system. All of the sudden Wednedesay night the damn alarm decided to screw with us. After a few calls from the alarm company the cops showed up. Shane explained to the  nice police officers that  we were renting the house and  we didn’t have the  code  to disarm the alarm . The good cop, not the bad cop asked if he was in town for the game ( Did the Seahawks shirt give it away?) Shane nodded and the the good cop said he was going to the game as well, that is when Shane offered him a Seahawk jersey to wear. That is how the story ends.

IMG_1056 IMG_0507

This is the third time I have used VRBO and I would most definitely do it again.  Although my next vacation might not be until 2016 in Rio, but I can start planning right?

Catching Up

Yesterday after dropping K off at school and catching up with my Tuesday night shows I found myself rummaging through the refrigerator. We just recieved our Farm fresh to you delivery and since I somehow screwed up our delivery dates this weeks box was the same as last. Soooo I found myself with a lot of extra shit I needed to do something with before we leave for AZ next week.

I don’t love squash and now that Fall is here they are in abundance. I decided I would pawn the two Delicata squash I had on to Kaili. I cut them in half, scooped out their guts, drizzled with Olive oil and roasted them for an hour at 350. While they were cooking I found two lonely chicken breasts in the freezer, along with the handful of lemons hanging around I decided I would make chicken piccata for lunch, you know, surprise Shane with a gourmet lunch once he got home. Isn’t that what good wives are supposed to do? Ha, well once a year aint bad right?



When the squash was cool enough to handle I scraped the meat out and pureed it with a tad of butter and cinnamon. Kaili seemed to enjoy it, a little too sweet for my taste.

Then I went on and  made a plan for dinner and  spent the rest of the day in the kitchen. All said and done I made 5 dishes, I think that will hold me off until Thanksgiving.

Yesterday my dad and I took Kaili to the Olympic training center to have lunch with David aka “uncle Wags”. Here are some shots of our visit.


Little girl in a big world
Little girl in a big world
Watching the Seals falling from the sky
Watching the Seals fall out of the sky




Picture of David in the Visitors center.
Picture of David in the Visitors center.


San Diego Wine Tasting and all That Jazz

School, wine tasting, harvest, baking, Seahawks, dogs, cats, pumpkins and not in that order.


Good things in the making
Good things in the making
Humane Society
Humane Society
Uncle Bri's house
Uncle Bri’s house
Wine tasting
Wine tasting
Picking grapes like a good wino
Picking grapes like a good wino
Chuparosa winery
Chuparosa winery


DSC_8829 IMG_0205 IMG_0199


Charming the wine maker
Charming the wine maker

IMG_0230 IMG_0226

Great people, great wine, great dogs
Great people, great wine, great dogs
Worn out palate, watch out for snakes
Worn out palate, watch out for snakes


all done
all done
Got to drink these before my doctor knocks me up.
Successful day in Ramona
Go Hawks!
Go Hawks!