Masters Arrive In O.C.

Kaili and I drove up to OC as soon as traffic let up Tuesday morning. Doesn’t this look like the perfect weather for a tennis tournament?


We got to the tennis venue a little before David’s first match. The place is really nice, decked out with a lot of comfy seating, food and drinks.


Wags kept us on our toes the first set of his match, finally winning it in a tie-breaker. My pictures of him playing have not turned out well so I will give you a glimpse and then carry on.


He killed it in the second set 6-0 kicking off his winning streak. Kaili gave her uncle a celebratory hug after the match.


The nice thing about this Mission Viejo tennis center is that center court is really open, allowing me to watch the match while Kaili wandered around in circles. She wasn’t going to sit for more than the allowed time it took to eat a fun size bag of skittles. Bribing them with candy will buy you at least 5 minutes. WINNING!

IMG_1205 IMG_1206 IMG_1201

The second day kicked off almost the same way. With warmer weather and  a more stressful first set, our fat heads came in handy. Each day I see the venue getting more and more crowded. This weekend should have a good turnout.

IMG_1227 IMG_1273

My dad came with me helping me wrangle the kid. He wandered around with her allowing me to actually sit and watch the second set. Thanks dad!

IMG_1236 IMG_1239

Wags once again killed it 6-0 in the second set reminding us all why he is the best!


We can’t make tomorrows matches but will be up there for the evening doubles match on Friday. I feel another win coming!

In Case You were Wondering

I haven’t forgotten to tell you how my Dr. appointment went, it’s just nothing really happened. My lining is at a 6, they like to see it at an 8, if that means anything to you. I now have 6, yes birth control patches decorating my lower abdomen. Side effects? You betcha!  Headaches, breast tenderness, and bitchiness. Those are the side effects for 1 patch, so multiply it by 6 and that’s how I have been feeling.

Shane escorted me to my appointment to sign my life away  our procedure consents. Along with with our FET they will also be doing something called assisted hatching, not sure how I feel about this yet but it’s supposed to raise implantation success, but it can also split the embryo resulting in identical twins <— not a joke.

Once again I will be on those wonderful PIO {progesterone} injections. This gives me a knot in my stomach to think about so lets not talk about it yet, mmmkay?

Next appointment is Thursday morning, my optimism tells me my lining will be good and we will schedule the transfer day.

Tomorrow, the wheelchair tennis masters starts in Mission Viejo. David plays everyday starting Tuesday, twice a day starting Thursday. Do yourself a favor and catch a match if you can. We will be heading up Friday morning for sure, I am still debating on taking Kaili up solo before then.

Catching Up

Yesterday after dropping K off at school and catching up with my Tuesday night shows I found myself rummaging through the refrigerator. We just recieved our Farm fresh to you delivery and since I somehow screwed up our delivery dates this weeks box was the same as last. Soooo I found myself with a lot of extra shit I needed to do something with before we leave for AZ next week.

I don’t love squash and now that Fall is here they are in abundance. I decided I would pawn the two Delicata squash I had on to Kaili. I cut them in half, scooped out their guts, drizzled with Olive oil and roasted them for an hour at 350. While they were cooking I found two lonely chicken breasts in the freezer, along with the handful of lemons hanging around I decided I would make chicken piccata for lunch, you know, surprise Shane with a gourmet lunch once he got home. Isn’t that what good wives are supposed to do? Ha, well once a year aint bad right?



When the squash was cool enough to handle I scraped the meat out and pureed it with a tad of butter and cinnamon. Kaili seemed to enjoy it, a little too sweet for my taste.

Then I went on and  made a plan for dinner and  spent the rest of the day in the kitchen. All said and done I made 5 dishes, I think that will hold me off until Thanksgiving.

Yesterday my dad and I took Kaili to the Olympic training center to have lunch with David aka “uncle Wags”. Here are some shots of our visit.


Little girl in a big world
Little girl in a big world
Watching the Seals falling from the sky
Watching the Seals fall out of the sky




Picture of David in the Visitors center.
Picture of David in the Visitors center.


Guess What?

My daughter is adorable, but you already knew that.


Avocado toast is all I want for breakfast these days. I like mine with an egg, K likes hers with fruit or a masala burger, Shane thinks it’s all gross. Shows you what he knows.


No seriously, guess what? Nike Tennis is advertising David Wagner on Twitter. Now that’s pretty awesome! You should follow them both so you can say you knew about him before he hits celebrity status. People it’s going to happen.