What’s Up?

I guess life has gotten in the way of my blogging. Not exactly sure what we have been doing with our free time but it comes and goes and then I realize I haven’t written in days.

A few weeks back Senna, my elderly kitty of 19 years had a stroke and wouldn’t leave the side of the house. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with her but she had no interest in food or water and could barely walk. My neighbor said I should take her to the vet, but I was alone with two kids with no crate, how was I going to manage that? I decided I would wait until the next morning to make a decision, it was all too sudden. But a few hours later I realized she was in misery, so I called the vet and asked what my options were and decided to take her in and have her put down. I am so thankful for my next door neighbors, one of them watched the kids while the other drove me to the vet. The vet confirmed it was most likely a stroke and that it happens in older cats. I stayed with Senna while she was sedated and then I left, not wanting to sit through the end. I was heartbroken and two weeks later I still think I hear her meowing and go to the door to let her in or to offer her chicken. She lived a long life as an indoor and outdoor cat. She traveled through California with me and probably used up many of her 9 lives battling cars, coyotes and possums throughout the years.

Last weekend was our monthly dinner party and the theme was “retro”. My plan was to make beef wellington but when I saw the price of the beef tenderloin at Costco, I decided maybe not -cha-ching! I then went back and forth on what to make and finally settled on Swedish meatballs. After staring and comparing 10 different recipes I went with Alton Browns. It was farely easy to make and it turned out great. The bowl was empty by the end of the night.

I also had my hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test. This is the same test I had when I was trying to get pregnant…oh the irony. After I had Averi the doctors had a hard time actually finding my fallopian tubes due to the mess of scar tissue left from Kaili’s delivery. They weren’t exactly sure if they were successful in their attempt to tie them so I patiently waited 3 months and then had my HSG. Two thumbs up, everything is as I want it.

Speaking of Averi, she turned 4 months a few days ago, can we talk more about that later? Someone hasn’t taken her monthly pictures yet. (points to self)

Is it really two weeks until Thanksgiving?




Averi, 2 Months

Three and a half years later and I feel like a first time mom but this time I am less of a worry wart. Every few nights when I am standing in the dark rocking rocking Averi, I wonder how I did this the first time around and WHY do some women keep on having babies?

         This is why.

photo 4

 photo 5

Averi Ciera, she is a darn good baby, rarely cries and just wants to be loved on, so who am I to complain? Nights are getting better. We have just started getting into a routine and she is starting to give me 6 hour sleep stretches at night, it’s great. But getting her to sleep takes a hot minute and it’s stressfulwhich I completely forgot about from the first time around…Conveniently.

She  takes two to three naps a day. I would love to say she naps at the same time and the same place each day but that won’t happen. Kaili’s school and daily activities just won’t allow that luxury. I find myself walking a thin line between following a routine and playing it by ear. Basically I am struggling to find a rhythm. I should say that when Shane is home, things are much easier. Having another pair of hands to help with the bottles and the dishes and the cooking and the feeding just makes life a little easier. Major props to all the single parents out there!

Here is stone cold face Averi. She is giving smiles, I am just not quick enough to capture a really good one on film.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3