17 months…Right?

Shane and I were going back and forth on how old Averi was, pretty sure she is 17 months, a year and a half…almost two. How did that happen?

perfectThis girl, that face. She is so loving and cuddly, just what I always wanted, but with that she is also very clingy and emotional. Sometimes I feel that I am never away from her…ever, more so than with Kaili.. There are days where I just want to walk out of the door and say “see ya” be back tonight…but others where I just want to lay with her and breathe her in.

She is a pretty good listener. We didn’t have to do much to keep her away from the Christmas tree, ornaments or presents. She listens when I tell her “no” but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t throw herself on the ground and have herself a little tantrum. She is happy with daddy but when I enter the room, she starts crying and wants to be held. I am sure this is a learned behavior and it sucks and sometimes it sucks the life out of me.

IMG_6721She wants to be like sister, do like sister and have everything that sister has. I took plenty of early childhood education courses and learned how to deal with two children wanting that one thing…Ya, that doesn’t work very well in the house with children of different ages….two of everything (for the most part) is the easiest or laziest answer to that.

Her language is coming along, she doesn’t have too many words but she can express what she wants, or I am just good at guessing. She loves to climb, explore and just run free. Run free into the street…ack! You can’t take your eyes off of her outside, if she isn’t eating something off the ground, she is off to the races down the road.We can not leave the front door open for more than a minute without her heading down the front steps…it’s exhausting.


She has the cutest little laugh and quite the sense of humor. She is learning to put up with big sisters bullying and they are starting to play more together which melts my heart. Nothing makes my heart happier than hearing the two of them laughing.

And at the end of the day, this is my view, simply perfect.


3 Months

What can I say? Without sounding like a complete asshole, I have the best baby.


Weight- not sure, maybe 12 lbs.?

Length-don’t know but she is getting too long for her rock N play and the bouncer.

Eats- 4 oz every 3 hours during the day.

Sleeps- Like a boss, in her own room.

Okay, she isn’t in the crib at night yet but that’s my own issue. I wanted to transition her out of the swaddle the same time I put her to down at night in the crib. But the awesome Zipadee-zip sold out faster than I expected, thanks to Shark Tank…even though Shane told me so.

Now, she is sleeping, still swaddled in her rock N play at night but napping unswaddled in her crib during the day. She goes to bed around 6:30-7:00 and has been sleeping until 4:00. I can get her back to sleep by 5:isn and then she wakes again about 7:30. Now if I could just get Kaili to sleep until 7:30 we would have a perfect world.

She is just so happy. She goes right down to sleep, she isn’t relying on a pacifier…yet, she is fine in her carseat and stroller and she only cries when she is hungry or tired. She can hang outside in her bouncer while I hot tub it with the sister and she is chill. She is just a content child.


The second hand clothes thing is working out brilliantly. Averi is fitting into all of Kaili’s 3-6 months clothes at 3 months where as Kaili was fitting into them at 6 months. Which means all the holiday clothes will be able to be used right on schedule. It’s almost like we planned it this way.

Each day with two kids gets easier and easier. I hope I can say the same at next month.

3 Week Babydate

The babe likes to eat and is already over 7 lbs going on 20. She eats 3-4 and sometimes 5 oz. every 3 hours. Lately she struggles to get comfortable when she’s done due to gas. I usually  feed her at 10pm and then turn in myself but the other night I stayed up with her until close to midnight trying to get her settled. She woke for her next meal not an hour later. Yawn…thankfully Shane got up with Kaili the next morning. I woke up frantically at 8 am realizing Kaili had her first day of school starting at 8:30. I threw her lunch together in a fog and had to double check it when we got to school, just to make sure I actually packed her food.

I tried switching up her schedule the other night and it ended up backfiring on me with Averi awake and hungry at 5:am. That is the worst time since there is no going back to sleep with early bird Kaili rising at 6:30. I am going to have to get my shit together before Shane heads back to work Monday.

photo 2



On a positive note, I got both girls to sleep in their own rooms at the same time yesterday and it was a nice glimpse into the future. I also managed to leave the house with both of them on my own. It may not seem like a huge fete but to me it was. Kaili helped me pick out hummus, fruit and we did some dark chocolate tasting at the farmers market. The girl knows her chocolate, she chose the 77% from Madagascar.


3 weeks old and no time isn’t flying by, it seems longer than 3 weeks since I had Averi. Maybe it’s because my recovery has been slow going but I imagine time will speed up when I am all on my own.