Ready, Set….

Well friends, operation “get pregnant, stay pregnant, make it to the end without bed rest, pre-term labor and no NICU stay” is underway.

Cycle day 1. I start estrogen patches aka birth control. I didn’t know that birth control patches existed but then again why would I? They look like this.

IMG_0566 IMG_0569

$100 damn dollars for these things, with insurance. BLAH! However, applying these lil babies sure as hell beats sticking needles into my stomach twice a a day. HOLLA!!


I put 2 of them on and change them every 84 hours. My next  appointment is Wednesday when they do whatever they do to see if they are working too well or not well enough.

Shane and I both have to take a 5 day antibiotic to make sure we are healthy as a whistle come transfer day. Probably should go get the flu-shot too, although I have been saying that for 5 years now.