How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mine grows like crap. Every year Shane and I head to the garden store and pick up the essentials to start our container garden and every year I end up with the same result, the plants either die or get infested by caterpillars. Every year I end up back at the garden store asking someone to help me find a product that will keep my plants alive and the caterpillars dead. This year I was hopeful, my Serrano chili’s took off and they are thriving, although they aren’t very spicy. My tomato plants are looking a little rough but I was so excited about turning my home-grown heirloom tomatoes into an amazing Caprese salad. Well guess what?

stupid caterpillar ruined everything

This is what I found when I finally picked the tomato, I think I cried. So once I again I am wondering why I do this every year. If you have a container garden that thrives, could you please tell me what I am doing wrong?