{Preschool} Letter C and Circle Activities

For my last week of September we worked on the letter C, I threw in the circle since… well it starts with C.

If you really start thinking about all the things that start with the letter C it will blow your mind, so I advise against it.  Here are some tray, table and art activities for your preschooler.

A tray full of C goodies to look at and manipulate.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom magnet activity. I cut out the tree and taped it onto a magnet board. After reading the book at circle, I invited the children to read the book themselves, putt the letters on the coconut tree as they followed along in the book.

IMG_20130925_094158 IMG_20130925_094321

Carrot tray tasking . Show the children how to use the tongs to transfer the carrots into the dirt. Left to right motion.


Circle collage on a circle

IMG_20130927_095240 IMG_20130927_095351

Circle Printing– Provide different circles for the children to print with. I really wish I had incorporated a few wine corks for this activity. Cork, circle, double C’s….damn it! I’ll have to do it with Kaili.



Cloud Dough

I have been waiting for the weather to warm up before I did this activity. I am not cool with a mess in the house, go figure. I kept my classroom clean too, just saying.

Cloud dough is a a smooth and moldable dough made with only 2 ingredients, flour and baby oil. I made a small batch since it was just for Kaili.

Combine 4 cups flour and 1/2 cup baby oil and mix well. I used my hands but I imagine a pastry cutter would work even better.

IMG_20130227_095334 IMG_20130227_095309

I put a few different items for her to manipulate on a tray.


Then we took it out into the warm sunshine. The weather is amazing!


Practicing blowing out candles. She has a birthday soon.
Practicing blowing out candles. She has a birthday soon.


She sat outside and played with this for a good amount of time. Enough time for me to get some sun and read a few more pages of my book.