Kaili asked me if I was going to work. I like to tell her that she’s my work, she responded with, ” ya, I call you, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, you come to me!” True story. I asked her where she is going to work when she grows up. “Daddy’s office, I will draw houses.” Sounds like a solid plan.

She has been saying some pretty funny things the past few days. Also she’s quite a bossy little thing. If I hear her talking quietly but missed most of it, I’ll say “what did you say?” She will respond with, ” I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to myself.” Well, then…sorrrry.

She is fixed on Sia’s latest video Chandelier. If you haven’t seen it, it is a pretty awesome video. Kaili likes to listen to it and try to recreate the dance moves in our living room. She definatley didn’t get the vocal genes so maybe she got her dads killer dance moves. Only time will tell.

A few weeks back we had a photo shoot at USD. I thought they would make a great Mother’s day gift for the grandma’s. They turned out beautiful! All photo credit goes to her Uncle Brian. I have zero photography skills, however I can Instagram with the best of them.

Here are a few shots.

DSC_2046 DSC_2050

DSC_2028 DSC_2035 DSC_2042 DSC_2072 DSC_2078

Interview with a 3 year old

Interviewing kids is the best. Their answers are so honest and random.  I decided to ask K some questions about herself, she had the answers.


What is your name? “Kaili”

How old are you? “Three”

When is your birthday? “April 29th”

What is your favorite color? “Purple”

What is your favorite thing to watch on TV? “Franklin”

What is your favorite toy?  “iPad”

What is your favorite thing to eat? “Cookies”

What is your favorite thing to do? “Eat”

What is your favorite toy? “Boy” (Um….)

What is your favorite book? “Franklin”

Where do you live? “My island”

Who is your favorite friend? “Penny” (her teacher)

How are you feeling? “I feel sick, cough cough”