The most beautiful number ever!!!!!!!!!

My nurse called me today with my blood test results and…. I am PREGNANT!! YAY!!!!!!!! The first question I asked was “what was my beta?” The Beta Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)  is a hormone excreted during the development of an embryo or fetus. She  said ” well, we like to see a Beta of 50 of higher and yours is 307! Thank god…I am definitely pregnant. Then I asked her if I as having twins based on the high number but she said they couldn’t tell by that quite yet. So my next appointment is on September 8  where we will get to hear the hearbeat..and then celebrate our anniversary the next day!

I wasn’t really given any other advice other than to keep my excercise low impact and to stay away from sushi! Sounds easy enough 😉 I was also given the option to switch to Progesterone suppositories instead of the injections but I decided to stick with the injections, I have made it this far so why not? At least for a  few more weeks! I will keep this blog going throughout my pregnancy….ahh I can’t believe it’s real!