8 Years

Yesterday was my 8 year wedding anniversary. I spent most of the day wiping butts, not my husbands of course. He is up at work so we didn’t get to spend that actual day together, but after 8 years and two kids later that’s the least of our worries.

Kids have made our marriage stronger, well at least I think so. It has taught me what is really important in my marriage and what I need in a partner for life.

In some of my bleakest times I can always count on him to get me to laugh. It may not be appropriate but it will be funny. He knows all of my shortcomings and what I am self conscious about but he can talk me off of the ledge and out of the downward spiral I might be sliding towards.

One of the most important things he has taught me is to stand up for myself and speak my mind. I may not do it all the time, or I may do it at the wrong time, but I know he is in my corner whenever I need him. He has the courage to tell me when I am being overly emotional or dramatic but most of the time he does it ever so kindly.

We talk through most every decision that is made regarding our lives. We have the sense of adventure to keep each other going, oh we have plans my friends.  Although a lot of them will have to wait until the kids get older.

He is working is tail off to make all our dreams come true and I am raising our daughters, doing my best not to screw them up too much. He is a much better father than I could have imagined having in a husband. I am surprised by how easily he picked it up and actually find myself jealous that it came so natural to him.

Together we make a good team and 8 years ago I made a really good decision marrying him.

Happy Anniversary Love.