Race You

Last week I found myself at home instead of teaching a cooking class. That lead me to cook in my free time, obviously. Although I don’t have much photo proof to show you, I did indeed make some delicious food.
Pavlovas with lemon curd, scallops with an herb chili oil, esquites (Mexican street corn salad) and crab cakes with a remoulade.

The crab cake recipe that I use (Andrew Zimmern) is the only one I need, ever. Super simple ingredients, not loaded with filler, it lets the crab shine. It’s delish!

Shawna and I hit the Del Mar races. I had some luck on my side… finally.


It was a fun day. The weather perfect, the views even better.

Our weather has been a consistent 77-80 degrees with humidity. Leaving us craving water in all forms.

We went to Mission Bay and the Plunge at Mission beach and then back to the bay. Seeking refuge in bodies of water.

I think it’s almost time for an adult poolside day. One where I’m not lugging snacks, chairs, boogie boards, water bottles and everything else that comes along with children. More like a good book and an adult beverage!

Where Do the Days Go?

Is it really the middle of February? What the hell? I am turning another year older next week that probably explains why I can’t remember what we have done the past few weeks.

Aside from a couple of kids birthday parties and making hummus, my new weekly hobby, life has been mundane. I did, however make it to a USMNT friendly match. They played lousy but we still had fun time, with great seats on the field.



I have been trying to take the girls to the park on Wednesdays, we have been exploring outside of our neighborhood park. Finding ourselves mostly at parks near the water when the weather is beautiful.


Averi really wanted to hand feed the pigeon a chip, I almost thought she would succeed but   the bird chickened out.img_1137-1

The past few recipes I have made have been duds, I need to make something good enough to post. Luckily next Saturday Brian Malarkey will be cooking us dinner as we try out his new restaurant. What else should we do with a free night downtown?

A Reason to Cook

I gazpacho you a recipe. I’ve been holding out of you. I found the best recipe for gazpacho, seriously. It’s from Food and Wine and it’s called Gazpacho on Fire. Basically you throw all the veg on a roasting pan and once it’s nice and charred you peel, seed and throw it in a food processor with a few other goodies.


It really is one of the best I have had and perfect for these hot days.


We’ve been beating the heat by heading to the bay early in the morning. The playground has sand and the sprinklers are on providing perfect sand castle material.




We had a low key weekend which was really nice but Kaili is getting stir crazy. I thought that since her first day of school was before Labor day that she was starting early, but  compared to other kids in CA she is one of the last…and I’m jealous. I’m ready, she’s ready and I think even Averi’s ready.



The Weekend

Memorial day weekend is usually spent sipping cold drinks and playing in the sand at Mission bay with our friends, but this year Kaili had other plans. Early Saturday morning she woke up shaking with a screaming fever and it scared the shit out of me. I don’t know why but fevers intimidate me.

I should have known something was wrong when she was begging and I’m not exaggerating, begging to go to bed at 5:30 pm. The fever hung around for  2 days and then the runny nose and cough kicked in.

photo 1


Although she wasn’t feeling well she kept asking to go to the beach so by Monday we headed down. She started out whiny and we weren’t sure if she would even last.

photo 2


But it’s like I have always said, sunshine makes everything better and soon enough she was enjoying herself.

photo 2 photo 4

Someone who is afraid of the ocean sure didn’t mind the bay.

photo 3

photo 2 photo 5

Dinner time was approaching so we decided to wrangle up all the kids and head into Old Town for some Mexican food. Mmm, enchiladas.

We avoided the popular tourist spots and tucked into a corner restaurant that was perfect for three little ones to dance around and act a fool.

photo 4 photo 5


I held up pretty well but at the end of the evening I was d-o-n-e and Kaili was wiped,we were all ready for bed.

Go Away I’m Sleeping.

It’s taken a couple of weeks but Kaili has finally come to the realization that she can get out of her bed any time she wants. I was woken to the pitter patter of feet then she demanded I “get up” at 6 this morning. I knew it would happen but I hoped it wouldn’t, at least that early.

I am going to give this Ok to Wake clock a try. I was explaining to her that her new clock will turn green when she can get up and leave her room. Well I didn’t realize that the light on our bedroom clock is green so now I have screwed myself because it’s “time to get up” all night long in our room. She comes in a says, “green, get up”, so I think she will grasp the concept but will she actually follow it?

Speaking of following directions. I got her progress report yesterday…yes they do that in preschool. It’s more of a developmental checklist and since it’s the one I chose for the school I can’t complain. She is right where she should be, not behind, not ahead.  There are certain things she knows but doesn’t master consistently and it’s time she learns how to hold and use scissors, hopefully with all her hair in tact.


After school we took a stroll along the bay.

IMG_1136 IMG_1145

We stopped at each playground and chased some birds for good measure.

IMG_1124 IMG_1154 IMG_1132 IMG_1165

Swings, can’t forget the swings.

view from a swing.
view from a swing.