The One With An Ultrasound Photo

Kaili is starting to grasp the concept that there is a baby in my belly, well when she wants to that is. She started talking to to my stomach, “hello baby”. I told her that when the baby gets bigger she can talk to it all the time and maybe sometimes she will see it move. She then said, “open tummy”, in due time kid.


The nausea pills seemed to make a lot of difference yesterday, in a good way. Now if it just goes away on its own here in a couple weeks, oh who am I kidding a couple weeks is TOO LONG to want to puke all day. I would rather not have to take anything at all but whatever works, am I right?

With my moms help I was able to do some purging around the house aka make room for baby and since the weather has been just lovely we spent some time at the park. Speaking of purging, did you ever see that movie The Purge? Creepy!

I have a first trimester blood screen test Friday, still have to find out if the MaterniT21 blood test is covered by our insurance, need to make an appointment with my Perinatologist and maybe take a trip to “Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.” See what I did there?

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The New Year

2013 has come and gone, just like my youth. I fell asleep on the couch before 9:00 pm on New Years eve. What can I say, growing a human being is exhausting. I woke up feeling awful, nauseous, headache…basically a hangover without the fun. I felt like crud the entire day. Happy new year.

Luckily with Shane’s help we were able to get a meal in the crockpot. We tried Jimmy Fallon’s Crock-Pot Chili and I’d say we all gave it 2 thumbs up. I think it’s safe to use the entire habanero chili but I kept to the recipe for K’s sake. Slowly she will be able to tolerate the spicy like her mom and dad.

Chili + cornbread for the kid
Chili + cornbread for the kid

It’s hard to get excited for the new year, it’s basically an extension of 2013. If this subchorionic bleed continues to be a problem then I don’t have much to look forward to other than watching life go by from my couch. If this pregnancy mimics my last one then I can’t really plan on doing much at all. I know save the sob story until we know the facts. It’s just hard to get excited about much, I am envious of all those pregnant ladies out there doing stuff. No resolution, no plans at all, bring it on 2014.

Just Words

I am not sure if the B6 is actually helping with the nausea but it is giving me some much needed energy. I cheated and had a small cup of coffee the other day and oh boy did it taste good and I felt like a champ most of the day, in between the moments of wanting to barf. Tea has been hard to drink so I am counting down the days until I allow myself a morning cup of joe.

I thought things were beginning to look up, emotionally I have been feeling a lot better and physically I hadn’t had any cramping or spotting but unfortunately it started up again this morning. I didn’t think I was doing too much but I guess I was…aggravating, depressing, I can think of a lot of words to describe my feelings. My transfer was November 13th so basically I have been on moderate bed rest for over a month. Who saw this coming?

I will leave you with a few Kaili pictures because I’ve got a date with Top Chef.

photo photo

No Fun At 7 Weeks

The past few days have been rough for me. Not only have I had morning sickness most of the day but the cramping and spotting comes back when I am on my feet too much. And I am not talking longs walks, or an hour at the gym, I am talking just getting up and down waiting on Kaili. Everyday errands and what not seem to be too much for my body to handle. The nurse said I have to put myself on bed rest once this happens. Pity party for one please.  I was really hoping to be able to work out through this pregnancy, it makes me feel low, anxious and irritable that I can’t do much and I am only 7 weeks. When does this get better?

Saturday was a hard one, I couldn’t stop dwelling on the fact that maybe my body isn’t meant for this whole pregnancy thing. I can’t keep up with Kaili who wants to go to SeaWorld and the park and that makes me feel so guilty. I have to get myself through the next week without Shane then he is home for 2 weeks, thankfully.

After feeling sorry for myself, I got up and made these Korean BBQ lettuce wraps. Then we drove down the street to check out some super duper Christmas lights, Kaili really got a kick out of it.

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On a positive note, I’ve read that B6 can help with nausea so I will be heading out to grab a bottle of vitamins and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous for a few days. Maybe I can come out of this week with a tan?