Resolutions, traditions and parties, all of those words are used to describe New Years Eve.  One day you’re staying up late sipping sparkling wine all night and then before you know it, you are waking up every morning with young kids. That’s when you accept the fact that none of the “fun” of NYE events are going to happen again, at least for years. But then something wonderful happens, you realize that nothing else matters aside from waking up every day with the ones you love. Even if that means going to parks every damn day of holiday break. Where the kids would rather fill up their socks with sand than play on the swings.


After an afternoon at the park we had managed to sneak invitations into the mailbox. Casually asking one of the the girls to check the mail, it only took a half a second of screaming to let the house know all the girls had a letter.



We thought it would be fun to include the girls in one of the NYE traditions. Get dolled up, sip bubbly (soda sheesh), and dance till midnight. They were so excited. Nothing was off limits, want to wear make-up? That’s fine, one night and one night only. Fancy shoes, perfume, soda and no bedtime. What more could they ask for?


We dined on charcuterie and puff pastry with cheese and passion fruit. These girls sat down in front of the food like we have starved them all day. Before you knew it, shoes were being kicked off and the whining was starting. You guys it wasn’t even 7:00. And then it happened, they asked if they could put on their pajamas and we said, “only after some pictures, party poopers” the nerve.


We all sat in pajamas and sang karaoke but the party wound down quick. Before you knew it all the girls ASKED to go to bed. Apparently the moral of the story is this…. if you want to have an adult NYE with the kids in bed, take them to the park that day, stuff them full of meat and cheese and tell them they can stay up all night. Voila!

Cheers to a new year!


A Glimpse Back = 2012

New Years on the beach in Ventura.


Wine trip to Sonoma.


Kaili turned  1 year old.



Memorial Day at Mission Bay.


Crystal Cove with Grandma and Grandpa.

IMG_20120612_164226 IMG_20120613_151154

Olympic Training center to visit Uncle David.

IMG_20120616_163528 IMG_20120616_143004

Rome, Italy.


Paris, France.


Brussels, Belgium.


Camden Lock,London.


Paralympics 2012.


Gold and Sliver Medals.

IMG_20120908_171748 IMG_20120905_185801

Paso Robles, wine trip.

Minassian Young Winery
Minassian Young Winery

First time Trick-or-Treating.


Christmas in Walla Walla.

Sip and sit....good girl!