A Week in Photos

Whoa, Monday slapped me in the face this morning. I knew it was coming, I was prepared as can be but of course both girls didn’t sleep as well as they normally do. It’s like they know...

If you can believe it, I was a tad hesitant to make a final decision on our embryos. Not that I want to have another child, I don’t even think my Dr. would go for it…but getting rid of them is just so FINAL. But for obvious reasons we did go ahead and donate them to training.



We took Kaili to a little carnival in town. She wanted to go on every ride even though she wasn’t tall enough for the majority of them. Some of the Carnies weren’t strict so she managed to get on more than she probably should have.


And of course she rode a pony, always ride the pony.


We have been walking home from her new school, it sure beats the car.

photo 4

She has the maternal instinct, she is a natural caregiver.



Shane and Gordon fixed the gas leak in our fire pit, now it’s good as new and ready for Fall.


We became wine members at Blue Door Winery. They just opened 6 weeks ago, they are close and kid friendly.

photo 2


This face is getting chubbier by the day.

photo 4


Kaili met a bunny at the car show in National City, she also met a baby chick and a duck. Then somehow she got ahold of an egg and dropped it on her coloring page so we high tailed it out of there.

photo 4



photo 1


It was so nice having Shane home but it’s back to reality. Soon I hope to pack the girls up and head up to Ventura┬áto spend a few days at the beach. I guess for now it’s time to get back into our new routine of life.

Would You Like Some Wine With Your Pumpkins?

Friday,we hit Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center. I was wrong to think it wouldn’t be overly crowded on a Friday, wrong I tell ya. We started with the petting zoo, Kaili was slow to warm up to the animals but I ended up having to bribe her out of there with a pony ride.

IMG_0760 IMG_0761

She had no fear on her first equine, she quite enjoyed herself. Grandma and Grandpa, we would like a pony for Christmas.

DSC_9440 IMG_0769

After grabbing a pumpkin, taking the obligatory pumpkin patch photos we hit the road. We had some wine to taste.


We brought our growlers to refill at Triple B winery. Sat, sipped, and nibbled away while Kaili enjoyed the great outdoors.

IMG_0791 IMG_0782 DSC_9486

We found our stomachs rumbling and our palates teased so we headed on over to another winery for more sips and some damn good pizza.

IMG_0797 IMG_0801 IMG_0812 IMG_0815 DSC_9526