Long Time No See

It’s been forever since I blogged huh? I just don’t seem to have the time now that Kaili is out of school, or should I say my free time at night is spent watching trashy reality shows? I mean, how good is Bachelor in Paradise? And it just started.

Last I left off Averi had turned two years old. She had her doctor visit and she is perfect, a little small in the weight department but this girl eats so I am not concerned. We’ve been through this with Kaili already, it’s so much easier on the mind the second time around. About four days after that doctor visit Averi came down with a fever that lasted three days followed by a rash. Turns out she had Roseola and I am sure she caught it at the office.

I had been having a hell of time with her at night. She would cry and cry for hours before finally giving in and going to sleep. I was all set to move Kaili out of the room and go big, letting her cry it out without going in there at all, per her Pediatrician’s advice. But after her bout with that nasty virus, she went back to her old self and no more crying at night. Who knows what that was about, hopefully we are good now, because I was about to lose my mind.

We’ve been busy spending time at my parents house in OC. The girls have been swimming, to the petting zoo, playing at the parks and splashgrounds.

Our good friends came out for a visit from Arizona and of course the first stop was breakfast at World Famous on the beach.

Averi doesn’t dig the beach, just like Kaili wasn’t fond of it. Luckily Kristi and I got a chance to head to the beach sans kids and it was magical. We  laid in the sun and played in the water without any worries.

We also had our sitter come and watch the girls while we spent the day in Ramona wine tasting! The girls had fun, we had fun, everyone wins.

Kaili has another month until Kinder starts and soon after that we head to Rio. I will try to be better about writing but I promise I will be blogging the Paralympics and our trip to Brazil!


Before the Sun

Oh, it’s only been a month since I blogged last…sigh.

Shane and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. We went downtown for dinner, without the kids, went to an underground Speakeasy and played pool. It was just what I needed, in fact it’s something I could get used to, say once a month?


Averi is now 15 months and things are pretty much the same, most days are routine and a tad mundane. Her sleep schedule is 6:30 to 6:30 give or take. We just got over the girls having colds, Averi was waking up multiple times a night but knock on wood, that is over.IMG_6129 IMG_6154

Her vocabulary is coming along, saying mom, dad, all done, bye and a lot of whining. She is waving and blowing kisses bye bye unless it’s to me, then it’s a full meltdown. She is very attached and although she is fine when I am gone, it’s the going and returning part that causes the tears.


Kaili was going through some 4 year old challenging behaviors. Not listening, trying to get rid of her sister and her sleeping regressed. Can I say how DONE I am with not sleeping? We are hoping that the girls will share a room sometime but the way it’s going, I  am not sure how that will ever work. Sometimes they piggy back each other in the wake ups and if one of them actually sleeps in, I can promise you the other one was awake at 5.

I decided to try a behavior chart with her, made it myself to fit our needs. I have to say it really worked well for the first few months but her sleeping is back to shit. Okay, that is a strong word. She goes to sleep by 7 and is, for the most part (4 out the 7 days a week) is quiet once in bed. She has been waking up in the middle of the night due to nightmares or scary sounds and sometimes it’s a battle to get her back to sleep. But really the problem lies in her waking up for the day. She is usually up before 6:00 and comes into my room. The rule is, she is to stay in her room (aside from bathroom runs) until 6:30 when the green light on her clock comes on, but that is out the window. I could let her in my room or go into hers but I don’t want to create a habit but, I also don’t want to spend that time getting up and down in a fight with her. Ugh, does this make sense?

IMG_6051Anyhow, the chart hasn’t really been working for me in that department. I don’t know what else to do except make a mandatory rest time after school if she doesn’t follow the wake up rule.


That’ll be the Day

Kaili asked to go to sleep twice today. Even at SeaWorld she said she was ready to go home and take a nap, this marks the first day I didn’t have to drag her out of the park. I will admit though, that 5 minutes after she went to bed she came out saying “she slept good” and wanted to get up. No way Jose. It must be all the sunshine wearing her down, not to say she is sleeping in at all…sheesh, that’ll be the day.

Have I mentioned how nice it is now that she is in underwear? Not having to lug around diapers and worry about where I am going to change her. She has blown my mind with how fast she got it down and how well she is doing. Her first big accomplishment, this must be the proud mom thing I am feeling.

On the flip side I feel like I am telling her no all.the.time. “Kaili, don’t drill the cat.” “No, don’t lick the cat either.” “Don’t eat your toes, gross!” “NO, you can NOT poop in the shower.”

She doesn’t quite understand why there are certain things I can’t do due to my growing belly. She gets that there is a baby inside but you can’t reason with her. So when I tell her I can’t hold her for very long, shouldn’t lift her up all the time and can’t go on rides with her I feel so bad. She gets frustrated and I don’t blame her. I wish I could explain to her all the whys and why nots, I want to relish in these last few months where it will be just me, her and daddy. She gets so much one on one time with me that my heart breaks a tiny bit when I think about how that will all change,{in a good way} but nonetheless it won’t ever be like it is now. Not that I am worried for her, shit, that kid is some kind of fierce. She will handle everything just fine, it’s me that I’m worried about.



Go Away I’m Sleeping.

It’s taken a couple of weeks but Kaili has finally come to the realization that she can get out of her bed any time she wants. I was woken to the pitter patter of feet then she demanded I “get up” at 6 this morning. I knew it would happen but I hoped it wouldn’t, at least that early.

I am going to give this Ok to Wake clock a try. I was explaining to her that her new clock will turn green when she can get up and leave her room. Well I didn’t realize that the light on our bedroom clock is green so now I have screwed myself because it’s “time to get up” all night long in our room. She comes in a says, “green, get up”, so I think she will grasp the concept but will she actually follow it?

Speaking of following directions. I got her progress report yesterday…yes they do that in preschool. It’s more of a developmental checklist and since it’s the one I chose for the school I can’t complain. She is right where she should be, not behind, not ahead.  There are certain things she knows but doesn’t master consistently and it’s time she learns how to hold and use scissors, hopefully with all her hair in tact.


After school we took a stroll along the bay.

IMG_1136 IMG_1145

We stopped at each playground and chased some birds for good measure.

IMG_1124 IMG_1154 IMG_1132 IMG_1165

Swings, can’t forget the swings.

view from a swing.
view from a swing.