Vietnamese Lemon Grass Beef and Noodle Salad

Craving- (Noun) A powerful desire for something.

These days I rarely have the motivation to make an elaborate meal and by elaborate, I mean something with more than 3 steps and takes longer than 15 minutes. That is until I saw this recipe and I needed to have it in my mouth that day!{that’s what she said.}

After a quick trip to the store, where I found everything I needed except the chili’s {so I settled for a Serrano} I started to prep what was going to be the best football lunch evah!


The recipe is straight forward and I didn’t veer off course. However, the recipe claims to only take 1 hour but it took  longer. There is a bit of prep work and add on 15 minutes to fry the shallots {don’t skip this!} It’s worth it, I promise!


Cold noodles, hot meat, fresh herbs, crunchy shallots, spicy siracha, you guys, it was delicious. “Haha <– she said hot meat!”