4th of July at the Lake

We hit the road up to Lake Arrowhead, this time meeting Shane’s folks there. Coming from Walla Walla, they had a much longer drive than we did but Averi cried almost the entire 2 hours so I call it even.

IMG_5576After getting familiar with our new abode we walked down to the village for some lunch. The food there isn’t much to talk about, not bad, not great. We poked around for little bit and then headed to the store for dinner.

IMG_5533 IMG_5543

Saturday morning we packed up as much as we could carry and walked down to the beach club. The Lake is private and the only way to access it is to either rent a place within the area, have friends there or live there. Since this was our first time going into the lake we weren’t fully equipped. Next time we will be ready.IMG_5536

One of the neighbors told us about a little spot, a street away that everyone gathers at to watch the fireworks. It was perfect. Kaili got to stay up late to watch them and   the hardest part was waiting until 9:00 pm. I wish I could say she slept in the next morning but I can’t. The sleeping arrangements were Kaili and Averi in one room. It worked well the last time we were there but this time Ave’s decided she was going to start her day at 5:30. I rushed in there every morning to fetch her before she woke up her sister, didn’t help much.

Sunday morning we took a boat ride around the lake.  The guide gave us facts and history about the lake and the famous people whom live there. Some of the houses are drool worthy and Tom Selleck’s house is the only one with a lake garage for the boat.


After our lake tour and some lunch, Shane and I got away for a little wine tasting. It is 21 and over so we missed out last time. It’s amazing how nice even one hour alone can be.


We took the kids back to the house because I had an important date with the US Womens National Team. If you missed the first half of the World Cup, I am sorry. Wow what a game!


There were some lazy afternoons, a lot of walks, ice cream cones galore and sometimes even Averi seemed to have fun.

IMG_5537 IMG_5567 IMG_5575

We really enjoy getting away, I am getting pretty good at the VRBO thing. Next time will be even better.

Lake Arrowhead

We spent Memorial day weekend up in the mountains. We left Friday morning and arrived less than three hours later. We rented a place next-door to the village and a grocery store, the best location if you want to avoid the car. It was a 2 bedroom condo I found through VRBO. The girls shared a room and although I had to tweek the room a bit, it worked great. I pushed two twin beds together for Kaili and threw the pack n play in another corner for Averi. We had a bedroom next door and the living area just out front. Our balcony over looked a very cold pool and luke warm hot tub.  I must confess I was worried about the girls sharing a room because A. Averi has been waking all times a night and cries until I come in and B. Kaili falls out of her bed and hollers, or gets up and comes into our room. Turns out, I over reacted because they both slept through the night both nights. Averi woke up the third morning at 5:30 but Kaili slept through her hollering. the only downside with room sharing is once one of them is up, you really can’t put them back down since there isn’t the option of “cry it out.” Doable but not desirable.


The Village
The Village



The weather less than desirable, the crowds scarce.  We  got there around lunch time and walked the village, scoping out the must-do’s. We had lunch at the very popular mexican place, Papagayos and although underwhelmed by the food, the atmosphere and people made up for it. They had a large out door patio that featured a bar and grill for margaritas and tacos that locals and tourists gather on warmer days, we will get to know this place well.


After our big lunch we decided to go back to the condo, put the kids down and enjoy a small dinner of wine and caprese. After a good nights sleep we would devour the town in the morning.

We started the day with breakfast at the Belgium Waffle Co. which was a recommendation from a local. After an indulgent meal we fed the ducks, walked the village and watched Kaili go on kiddie rides at their local “amusement park. Then we got in the car and hit up all the open houses and boy did we find some gems.



IMG_6336 IMG_0912

After house hunting and a little shopping, we ended back  at the village on a patio semi shivering due to the cold weather as we sipped margartias. Sitting next to us was a group that were Arrowhead vacation owners. We got to chatting and luckily the weather lifted and the day unfolded nicely. We learned a little more about the place and which parts of the lake was the most desirable yada yada yada. The day ended a lot like the day before with a quick swim in the warm tub and a light dinner of caprese.

Sunday, I made breakfast at the condo and then we went back to some house hunting. We also made our way to a “festival” at the next town over and although it was a very sparse “festival” it lead us to the best pizza place. Another gem told to us by a local, this place will one day be featured on Food Network, I’m sure of it. We devoured an amazing pizza and some beers while Kaili ran around with a little friend she met. Everything about this place was awesome, my only regret was there weren’t more of us so we could have tried two types of pizza. Two thumbs up for Lou Eddies Pizza.


IMG_0923 IMG_0930 IMG_0929

That afternoon we went back to the patio at the village but now that the sun was out it was packed. I lucked out and got a table but soon after Averi managed to dump my entire beer all over us. We paid the tab and went back to the condo for a replay of hot tub and dinner. We were all in bed early and ready to head home the next day.

Our drive home was fun. Halfway down the mountain Kaili said she had to go potty, we told her we were on our way but then she got quiet, too quiet. She got sick, so much sickness out of a tiny human being and I had nothing but clorox wipes. We were able to change her out of her clothes and I cleaned up as much as I could but the 2 hour drive was smelly.

We are heading back again in another month or so. Looking forward to checking out more of the surroundings and maybe partaking in some water activities. Hopefully the weather will be in our favor.

Vacation and Actuality

Our getaway to Arizona was perfection but man oh man ( woman oh woman?) reality really does smack you in the face as soon as you walk in your own front door. I missed K terribly but to be completely honest, it’s hard to jump right back into the whole parenting obligations. Now don’t take this the wrong way, I was eager to see her, more than you can imagine but she was just getting a cold so her attiTUDE wasn’t the best. Welcome home mommy now go away! Ah, if she only knew what I went through to get her here.

Vacationing…..once you have kids, even if you leave them behind, will never  be the same. PERIOD.

Ok, enough whining, or wining? Did I mention how tan I am, how many hours I spent in the sun not doing a god damn thing? That is what a quick vacation is all about! <—actually that is not true, we spent about 10 hours playing basketball in the pool.

IMG_0544 IMG_0401 IMG_0408 IMG_0447 IMG_0548


I actually did leave the house more than once. Since the guys had their Thursday football plans, Kristi took me out to the lake for a bloody mary. Chick didn’t tell me it’s a death walk to get down there.

IMG_0509 IMG_0513

These stairs were no joke, stable and steady they were not.


Once on the dock, we hit Dillon’s for some marginal food, a decent bloody mary but a great view and amazing company!IMG_0525 IMG_0539 IMG_0531 IMG_0534

And no, the walk back up up those damn stairs wasn’t fun either but I am pretty sure I burnt off  two sips of this bad boy!

I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed ourselves on our getaway. We only had a few hang-ups.

The house we rented through VRBO stated it was wheelchair friendly, I took that as a chair should be able to get into and all throughout the house, including the outside. This was not the case. I haven’t done my research on what the rules are. Should it say wheelchair compliant? Anyone? But now I know I need to be more thorough.

Long story short, a little tweek here, a door off the hinge there and we were all good with that situation.

We also had a itty bitty problemo (go away auto correct) with the alarm system. All of the sudden Wednedesay night the damn alarm decided to screw with us. After a few calls from the alarm company the cops showed up. Shane explained to the  nice police officers that  we were renting the house and  we didn’t have the  code  to disarm the alarm . The good cop, not the bad cop asked if he was in town for the game ( Did the Seahawks shirt give it away?) Shane nodded and the the good cop said he was going to the game as well, that is when Shane offered him a Seahawk jersey to wear. That is how the story ends.

IMG_1056 IMG_0507

This is the third time I have used VRBO and I would most definitely do it again.  Although my next vacation might not be until 2016 in Rio, but I can start planning right?


The drive from San Diego to Phoenix, Arizona is almost as boring as the drive from OC to the Bay Area… Almost.





Alas, we made it! Our rental is as nice as I had hoped but…this is a big but, it’s not exactly wheelchair accessible. I mean, yes a chair can enter the house and maybe it’s my fault for not being thorough enough in my search but we had an issue I wasn’t happy about. I’ll tell you more about it later, I’m too busy snuggled up on the couch with a glass of wine.
Here are some pictures of our abode.