In Case You were Wondering

I haven’t forgotten to tell you how my Dr. appointment went, it’s just nothing really happened. My lining is at a 6, they like to see it at an 8, if that means anything to you. I now have 6, yes birth control patches decorating my lower abdomen. Side effects? You betcha!  Headaches, breast tenderness, and bitchiness. Those are the side effects for 1 patch, so multiply it by 6 and that’s how I have been feeling.

Shane escorted me to my appointment to sign my life away  our procedure consents. Along with with our FET they will also be doing something called assisted hatching, not sure how I feel about this yet but it’s supposed to raise implantation success, but it can also split the embryo resulting in identical twins <— not a joke.

Once again I will be on those wonderful PIO {progesterone} injections. This gives me a knot in my stomach to think about so lets not talk about it yet, mmmkay?

Next appointment is Thursday morning, my optimism tells me my lining will be good and we will schedule the transfer day.

Tomorrow, the wheelchair tennis masters starts in Mission Viejo. David plays everyday starting Tuesday, twice a day starting Thursday. Do yourself a favor and catch a match if you can. We will be heading up Friday morning for sure, I am still debating on taking Kaili up solo before then.

Guess What?

My daughter is adorable, but you already knew that.


Avocado toast is all I want for breakfast these days. I like mine with an egg, K likes hers with fruit or a masala burger, Shane thinks it’s all gross. Shows you what he knows.


No seriously, guess what? Nike Tennis is advertising David Wagner on Twitter. Now that’s pretty awesome! You should follow them both so you can say you knew about him before he hits celebrity status. People it’s going to happen.


David Wagner

I know this guy, he is an amazing athlete, cute, funny, kind and his heart is huge. The problem is, the world doesn’t know him….yet. This is where I ask you for help. I want you to share this post with all of your friends and family. Or better yet, send it into your favorite talk show {Ellen}. This is what I just sent her. Feel free to copy it or write up your own. Either way, help me get his name out there. I promise, it will be worth it.

Kaili loves her uncle David
Kaili loves her uncle David

“David Wagner, you don’t know his name but you should. He is the number 1 Quad wheelchair tennis player in the world! He doesn’t get the shouts out he deserves. Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winner from Athens, Beijing and London. He is as humble as they come and cute to boot.

He was hurt at the age of 21. Playing frisbee on the beach in CA. a wave jackknifed him landing him head first in the sand. Paralyzed from the chest down, he has overcome the impossible. He currently resides and trains at the Olympic Training center in Chula Vista Ca, he is the only wheelchair resident there.

He travels all over the world playing in tournaments, talks to children at different schools out of the goodness of his heart and holds a yearly wheelchair tennis camp for children with physical disabilities in Oregon.

David is a star, a role model, a friend and an world class athlete. I would love to introduce him to Ellen and the world.

David wants to start his own charity for children with disabilities but doesn’t know where to start.. So here I am, writing you, asking for help. Please help me recognize this amazing man who could be down with despair but chooses to be the best he can with what he has and wants to help others. Help me let him know how amazing he is.”

So are you with me?


London Calling

Forget all my kid stuff for a minute. Let’s talk about why we are going to London in a few months!

My husband and David Wagner have been friends since grade school but Shane didn’t know that David would be a world class athlete.

In 1996 David suffered a life changing accident at the beach in LA that left him paralyzed.

After the accident there were years of struggle, but eventually he found his way back to a passion.

After 4 Paralympic medals in wheelchair tennis, he is headed to the London Paralympics and we will be there to cheer him on.

Here short video of David. This was made back in January as he was preparing for the Australian open.

He most recently started a free wheelchair tennis camp for disabled children. It took place June 9th in Portland Oregon, David said he had an amazing time with the kids.

The Paralympics follow the Olympics. The opening ceremonies kick off on August 29. I will share his journey and ours with you. Until then, I leave you with some pictures of a wonderful man, extraordinary athlete and amazing friend.
Greece Paralympics 2004
Greece Silver and Gold Medal Winner
Beijing Paralympics 2008
Beijing 2008
Beijing Paralympics Bronze and Gold Medal Winner
With his fans in Beijing
2 of his biggest fans