I got my Progesterone level back yesterday and it was at 18.9. They like to see it at 30 at least. She assured me that they can not tell whether or not I am PG from the test and even though the numbers are low one can still have a viable pregnancy. I am now doubling my progesterone dose to 2ccs.  Shane is getting really good at giving me the shots…bless his heart! It used to hurt but the last few shots have been painless. Good thing because if this sticky bean stays around we will most likely continue with the shots for a while.

My nurse also told me I can start low impact exercise, meaning walking and swimming. No incline, stairs, hiking ect. I can’t lift weights either so I need to get myself into a exercise routine where I can still burn some calories while taking it easy. This morning we woke up and took a walk to the market for some coffee and stopped by a Mediterranean market for a quick browse.  All that did was make me think of how good a Gyro would be for lunch 😉

I am feeling a lot better mentally. Getting out of the house and working yesterday helped A LOT! The kids were so full of love and that will make anyone feel good.  I got some big plans to sit in the sun today and maybe try to talk Shane into grabbing a greek salad or a gyro for lunch…Mmmm.

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