5 weeks

Well we have made it to 5 weeks which is longer than our last pregnancy so that’s a good thing 🙂 On the IVF forum I visited a lot during that past month I noticed that most women  agreed that  the worrying doesn’t stop once you get your BFP. Boy, aint that the truth. The days seem to go by so slow in anticipation for  next weeks ultrasound. The nurse said we may be able to see a heartbeat but if we don’t it just means it’s too early. Wowza! “How will we know it’s viable and everything ok?” I asked, and she replied with something or other about measuring and size and yada yada yada. It didn’t ease my worry at all. I am sure everything is ok but I just can’t wait to get past that first hurdle. Besides IVF websites I haven’t been on any pregnancy/baby sites since long before we started this. I used to browse baby stuff and nursery ideas but it all led to heartbreak in the end. So I vowed to stay far away until I knew I was PG. Yesterday I bookmarked some favorite sites and actually ordered some books, I am being optimistic.

So far so good with the early PG symptoms. I have been tired and my appetite is all out of whack but no nausea so far! A little part of me is actually hoping for  some morning sickness so I know something is going on in there. I am sure I will regret it as soon as it happens but not feeling “anything” just adds to my worry.

One thing I have come to realize is that everyone has their “2 cents” on do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. I sometimes find it hard to hear my own instincts as they are muffled by others opinions. The internet is no help either, one website will tell you one thing and another will tell you the exact opposite with a horror story along with it. I have a list of “can I’s” to bring to the Dr. next week and that’s the opinion I will listen to!

Be back next Wednesday for the update of the ultrasound 🙂

2 thoughts on “5 weeks

  1. Hey there lil mama! 😉
    Well I hate to tell you this but the worrying will never quit! We worry our bodies that house these little one won’t be sufficient, we worry about the 1st few months of life, we worry about when they start eating solid food about choking, we worry when they start to walk they will hit their heads (and omg they wil, lol but they’ll be ok!) we worry when they go to school about if the other kids will be nice to them, we worry they will struggle with studies, we worry when they get into a vehicle with someone else, we worry when they start driving on their own, we worry when they stat dating (hopefully that doesn’t come until the next worry but come on now let’s be realistic hahahah!) , we worry when they go off to college, we worry when they get married and have babies of their own, we then have a new worry….GRANDBABIES, LOL…so you see girl..WORRYING is your first job function of being a mother! Welcome to my world! I love you guys and it’s going to be a great ride!!

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