It may be starting

Today is the first day I can actually say I feel like crud!! Tired and nauseous all day, except when I am napping. Maybe my theory about the progesterone levels and side effects was way off. I can’t imagine feeling like this all day everyday for another month…EW!

 I have been having a love-hate relationship with food and cooking lately. Sometimes I feel like cooking a feast but mostly I don’t want anything to do with it. I am craving foods I shouldn’t be like Spaghetti carbonara, chocolate souffles, burritos, and bread! I definitely don’t want anything to do with poultry. unless it’s fried or has a delicious crispy skin on it. God help me! Part of the reason may be due to Friday’s dinner. Shane and I went downtown to Searsucker the baby of Brian Malarkey. We ordered short ribs braised in red wine as an appetizer, mmmm. The most delicious caesar salad with anchovies which I couldn’t eat because of the stupid pregnancy rules. Shane ordered the Sea Bass in a cherry reduction with almonds which was very good and I went with the Duck with an apricot gastrique, which was raw. Well very very very rare. By the time I was able to tell the waiter I was so over ever eating anything more. They apologized, of course and re-cooked it but it really put a bad taste in our mouths. I should have ordered the scallops.

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One thought on “It may be starting

  1. Once more, the good news is also the bad news.
    Why is it that no one ever craves raw veggies and fresh fruit!?
    BTW, he/she still resembles a polliwog! 🙂

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