We graduated

We had our last appointment with Dr. Garzo today and it was bittersweet! We got to see Nubby and the heartbeat was very strong. Shane is convinced with a heartbeat like that it “has to be a boy!” Nubby looked like a gummy bear with the arm and leg buds beginning to form. Nubby was moving around too which was so nice to see since I will do all I can to make sure this little one doesn’t get his/her days and nights mixed up. After all the measurements were taken all the staff came out to say goodbye and congratulations. We were even given a diploma signed by all upon leaving. So nice!! Oh and I have also graduated from progesterone injections. I am now to take 3 suppositories a day but just until next Friday. Then I am done for good!
Tomorrow I am 8 weeks!

Here is a picture of our little one!   Nubby

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2 thoughts on “We graduated

  1. AWESOME! But I don’t get the bitter part? It all sounds pretty sweet to me!! 🙂

    Nubby – hehehehe – OH…BTW, Just so you know, while I was in labor the nurse freaked us out because she said, “with a heartbeat like that…there is no way that is a girl, you better have a boy name picked out”


  2. That is so great! The diploma must be a PHD – Pregnancy Halts Drinking or Parenthood Has Demands or Papa Helps Deliver… Sorry, I’ll stop now! 🙂

    See you Friday! Love M.

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