A shower Is A Wonderful thing

After the Dr. left this morning I asked the nurse if I could take a shower. She said yes..Yipee! I felt super funky after being poked and prodded, hot and cold all night and peeing every hour. I was so happy. After my shower I was able to put on my own clothes and no more monitors. Finally feeling so much better. My dad came to visit and my good friend Annemarie. It was nice to be able to visit without feeling strapped down and drugged up. Having visitors really does break up the monotony of the day. As my friend was on her way out the nurse asked if I wanted to go to Baby class, “Sure” I said. Who wouldn’t want to get out of a room they have been in all day and night?

It wasn’t much of a class but 3 prego gals and a nice instructor who was able to squeeze in a little bit about breastfeeding after we used all the time up talking about ourselves. Both girls had been here since last week and both of them will be here until their little ones arrive. unfortunately both their babies have health problems and will need to go straight to Children’s hospital right away.

I left that class feeling thankful that our baby girl is healthy so far, but the reality is I will most likely end up back here and baby girl will be in the NICU. I asked the nurse if I could go visit the NICU tomorrow to get a sense of what it’s all about. You know, kind of get the initial shock out of the way and watch all the great things happening in there. However the nurse said I don’t have wheelchair privileges here yet. I guess with time you earn these things. Maybe not a bad thing. I can ask the Dr. tomorrow when he or she shows up.

The nurse sat down to answer some of the questions I had, one being; “what happens if I am let go Wednesday on some meds, will I continue to be monitored?” She said that at if the contractions don’t come back frequently and with pain then at 32 weeks I would come back here and be put on a contraction and baby monitor twice a week. She didn’t sugar coat it. She said that women sit in chairs for hours and hours being monitored. It can get really uncomfortable, nothing like the nice bed I get to lay in as I type this. If they notice contractions coming at a good rate or baby’s heart rate is abnormal they will re-admit me. Plain and simple. She suggested making sure I eat a good meal before I come to wake baby because if baby is napping the longer I would be here. I also think it’s time to finally pack my hospital bag if and when I get home!

I just had my 8 hour monitoring and it looked good. No big contractions and baby is happy. Probably the chocolate pudding I was eating 🙂 I feel so much better and I am really hoping this lasts through the night. Oh who am I kidding I hope this lasts til May but I will take one day at a time.

Keep your fingers crossed that all is well and cervix is closed. I will be back tomorrow when I know more!

5 thoughts on “A shower Is A Wonderful thing

  1. Kim….I’m glad you are able to keep us posted this way. JoAnne is trying to with what she knows, but I find she doesn’t know much. LOL

  2. Glad you are feeling better. G is getting ready to come down. He is going to be your personal slave.

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