Game Plan

33 weeks today! I had a Dr. appointment this morning which was a few days over due for my liking. I was so anxious to ask the list of questions I have been writing down for the past week. I  was also concerned about the contractions I have been having the past few days and the decreased movements from the baby. Turns out the baby is fine and that as she runs out of room her movements will slow down.  I mentioned to her that I am having a hard time with the kick counts. Food and sweets don’t seem to get her going like they used to. The Dr. said to do the kick counts on baby’s time, so if I feel her moving early in the morning then to do them then.  This lil girl I have is going to be stubborn, I just know it!

I asked about the Nifedipine and here is the plan: I am to stop taking them next wednesday at 34 weeks. If I start having a lot of contractions again then I can take the pills as needed, but at 35 weeks I will stop them permanently. If I have 6 or more contractions in one hour between now and 35 weeks I am to go to labor and delivery. My next appointment is April 1st. and they will check my cervix to see what is going on. But for the most part after March 30th I am off the pills and it is what it is. Baby K will either start her descent and prepare for her arrival or she will hang out until she is good and ready.

I had signed Shane and I up for the Childbirth preparation class in 2 days for this weekend. I wan’t sure if I would be able to attend but the Dr. gave me the green light. She said it’s mostly sitting with a short tour of the hospital. So I should be ok. If not I just go home. I am pretty excited about going since this is something that Shane and I can do together. He hasn’t been able to attend a lot of my Dr. appointments since he is gone during the week and it will be nice for him and me to have an idea of what lies ahead of us.

I am hoping that these will be my final 2 weeks on bed rest and then I can have more privileges once I stop the meds.

Also I want to say that we have received a lot of baby stuff. Thank you to everyone who has sent us gifts! I feel so much more prepared now. All I need to do  is  run to Target so I can pick up some things for myself. I would preferably like to go alone but since that isn’t going to happen before April hopefully Shane can take me. There are just some things a girl needs to get or do that’s easier without her father in law in tow 😉

One thought on “Game Plan

  1. So if you were to go into labor on April 1st, would the baby be considered large enough to go home or would she have to stay for a while? Glad to hear your report was good.

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