A Little Scared A Lot Nervous Super Excited

We have reached the final destination of this long complicated journey and I must admit I am scared as hell at what awaits. It hasn’t been the smoothest ride throughout the last few years so I feel that I have every reason to approach the finish line with caution.

From the heartbreak of infertility to the elation of a successful IVF and a sticky egg. Then we had the scary news of the Subchorionic tear along with bed rest. The nerve-racking wait for the amnio results and the finding of the Velementous cord insertion. Pre term labor that landed me in a few hospitals with more bed rest, followed up with a diagnosis of Pre-eclampsia and a need for an early induction. Since this road has been so bumpy I am really hoping the ending will be smooth. However I am a little skeptical.
So I ask you all to please send good vibes, think good thoughts, say a prayer, cross your fingers, your toes, your hair, whatever it is you do. All I want is for baby K and I to leave the hospital healthy with Shane.

3 thoughts on “A Little Scared A Lot Nervous Super Excited

  1. I am all crossed up and know that all of you will be one big happy family with no complications!!!

  2. You are in good hands tomorrow. I wish you a smooth everything. I am so excited for all of you. Can’t wait to see pictures!

  3. well apparently a bumpy road doesn’t always mean a smooth landing. However we are all A OK now!

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