Happy Day

For about a week now Kaili has been sleeping more at night and it’s so nice. Our nights consists of 3 rounds. The first round starts at 8-9pm and is the most stressful round. She usually fights sleep and I sometimes find myself putting her down 3 or 4 times before she is actually asleep for good. The second round happens about 1-2 am and this is the easiest round. I get to her before she is really “awake” and I change her, feed her and put her down in about 20 minutes. She goes right back to sleep which is wonderful since I am doing it half asleep as well. The last round which is the hardest round only because she doesn’t want to sleep in her bassinet anymore. This happens about 4 or 5am and then she will wake herself up about a half hour later. I will unswaddle her and bring her into bed with me, lay her on my chest (or Shane’s when he is home) where we both sleep for a few more hours. On  good days, she only wakes up once on the second round and then will sleep until 6am. I really like it when that happens 🙂

She slept so good last night, only waking once at 1:30am. and then we took another “nap” around 7am today. After we woke up and had a snack she gave me the biggest smile while I was kissing her cheek! Oh happy day!! This was my first social smile! She gave me a few more throughout the morning and each time it made my heart melt.

She is much more alert these days taking in all her surroundings. She also got a taste of swimming last night when I took her into the bath tub with me. She did a little splashing and floating on her back. She is a water baby and we will try to keep it that way!

One thought on “Happy Day

  1. Love those smiles! Wait until she starts cooing and then you won’t be able to stop grinning. Glad she’s letting Mama get some sleep!

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