4 Months Old

At 4 months old little Miss K is now giggling. She makes me work for it but it’s the cutest thing ever when she let’s it out. Right now tickling her is the only way to get her to laugh and she has to be in the mood. I assume it will happen more naturally and more often in the next month.

Right after our trip to Wa. I started putting Kaili down for the night in her crib. She was sleeping through the night in her rock n play sleeper and in her bassinet but unfortunately this wasn’t the case in the crib. She had a few good nights but mostly she woke sporadically at least once every night. Last Sunday I finally decided to try putting her to sleep back  in her rock n play but in her room. I figured if she still woke up in the rocker than maybe it was just a growth spurt she was going through but if she slept all night then it was the crib causing her to wake. That night she slept from 8pm to 7:30 am. That was enough for me to decide holding off on transitioning to the crib. She now sleeps soundly all night long in her rock n play in her own room.

This week I am also going to start her back on the regular Similac formula. We have a boat load of the stuff here and I didn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ before our trip. Now is as good of time than any to give it a shot. I am hoping it will be an easy transition and that her digestive system is mature enough to handle it. I don’t want her to have to be a lactose free child. Fingers crossed!

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