Baby Products I Love

When I was pregnant and registering for baby items, I went off advice from friends with babies, books and random women on baby forums. I spent so much time researching products, trying to decide what I would need, wouldn’t need and what was the best of the best. Now, five months into motherhood I wish I could go back and tell my pregnant self all that I know now. I would give myself a list of must-haves, nice-to-haves and not-necessary-haves.


Graco snugride car seat


Halo sleepsack/swaddle (Lifesaver)

Car mirror (savior for solo drives)

Baby Swing

Play Gym Floor Mat

Rock N Play Sleeper (wish I had this from day 1)

Born Free Bottles

Dr. Browns Formula Pitcher

Boppy (it’s not just for breastfeeding)

Gerber Onesies

Bottle Drying Rack

Multi Use Pads ( perfect for diaper changing…anywhere)

Exersaucer (proving to be a great product lately)

Nice To Have



Pack N Play ( I think this will be a must have in a few months though)

Diaper Bag

Diaper Genie

Baby Bathtub

Baby Carrier

Peek A Boo Closet Dividers (Perfect for separating all the different sizes of clothes in the closet)

Baby Monitor ( I went back and forth with this one. We ended up getting one while on vacation in WA. and we still use it every day. However, since our house is small we don’t really need it.

Not Necessary

Video Baby Monitor (don’t spend that much money on a fancy one when an audio monitor works just fine)

Wipe Warmer (dries out wipes and trust me, your baby will be fine)

Bottle Warmer (another appliance that takes up space when a mug of hot water works just as good and just as fast)

Baby Bedding  (all you need is a sheet)

Changing Table (dresser works great)

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