Crib Transitioning

I decided last Monday that it was time to get Kaili into her crib as she is outgrowing the wonderful Rock N Play Sleeper. I also wanted to quit the swaddling since she can now roll over, so I quit the swaddle cold turkey, put her to sleep in her crib for bed and that did not go well! She didn’t fall asleep as easy but the worst part was she wouldn’t stay asleep. It was  almost as though she couldn’t get comfortable and she kept rolling onto her stomach which then leads to crying. So finally on Thursday I told myself that it was all too much for her to handle, I put 2 rolled up towels under her sheet to help her feel more snug and I put her back in the swaddle but with one arm out. Since then things have gone a lot better. I am putting her in her crib before she is completely  asleep with her pacifier and she will put herself to sleep. She has been sleeping straight through until about 4:00am. Sometimes all she needs is the pacifier to be put back in her mouth and other times she is ready to eat. Either way it’s a huge improvement. She is sleeping in her crib and that is the goal I wanted to achieve. Hopefully in another few weeks I will be able to remove the swaddle all together. Progress!

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