Eat Your Peas Please!

This morning marks a big milestone in baby K’s life, we started solids. She is officially 24 weeks tomorrow but I wanted to start today just incase she had a bad reaction, that way we would  have time to get to the Pediatrician.  I decided to start with peas because it made sense to have her start with vegetables. I don’t have any doubt this child is going to like fruits.

Making the food couldn’t be easier, all I did was cook frozen organic peas according to directions and then pureed with some of the reserved cooking water.  I made the whole bag of peas which made almost 2 full ice-cube trays.

She seemed to like them enough, she opened her mouth to eat and wasn’t shoving the spoon away. Once in a while she would spit some out but then would eagerly eat the next bite. She did gag a couple of times although I am not sure it was because of the taste or the texture in her mouth.

Some of those pictures crack me up. It’s great to see her react to new situations. I love it!
Next up…Sweet potatoes.

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