DIY Discovery Bottles

Discovery bottles are so easy to make and have endless possibilities. You need a glue gun and empty plastic water bottles.  Fill up the bottles with whatever you like, here are some ideas.

Blue water + soap

Colored water + Glitter

Water + Baby oil

Colored rice and/or pasta

Colored rice + magnets

Dried flowers

Nuts + Bolts

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can make them for sound sensory, to learn about the colors in the rainbow, to find hidden objects { I spy } or make them to go along with a theme.( ie.) water + snowflake glitter= Christmas.

I started with just a few since I only had 3 empty water bottles. I made two with colored water and one with colored rice.

To make the colored rice {or pasta} just add whichever you are using or both into a ziplock bag. Use separate bags for each color you want to make.

Add 1-2 teaspoons of rubbing alcohol and shake to coat rice or pasta

Add liquid food coloring { as much as you need to get the desired color }

Shake, shake and shake until color is distributed evenly.

Lay out to dry on a plate covered with foil { or paper towels } Or use a cookie sheet if you are making a lot.

Once it’s dry you can add it to your bottle. Hot glue the top on and once it’s dry let your little one discover the new sensory bottle you made for them.



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