A Look Back

Shane was going through some piled up paperwork and came across our Reproductive Partners folder. As I was going through it, trying to decided what to keep {incase we decide on a sibling for Kaili} I found all my old charting calendars.

months and months and months of charting

It brought back a lot of emotions, I can’t believe I am saying this but I sort of forgot all about these.

Infertility is isolating and lonely, no one can truly understand what you go through unless you are going through it. I charted my fertility cycle every month with my doctors assistance and without, before our 6 failed Intrauterine inseminations and after. The last month I charted was July 2010, we started IVF in August and thankfully we know how that story ends.

This was just a reminder of what we went through to get the baby girl of our dreams. As hard as it was and as awful as the injections of different meds made me feel, it was all worth it. Just remember if you are struggling through infertility, you are not alone. And as terrible as all those stim meds side effects are, I promise you this, once you are in the process of giving birth you will forget all about them.

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