It finally happened, Kaili said Mama. When we first heard it I thought it was just babble but when she said it again she was definitely trying to get my attention. I am so glad Shane was home to hear it. So there we have it, first word at 10 1/2 months.

Kaili also got a top tooth last week, that makes 3. I think we will have a few more arrive before the month is over, although she doesn’t want me to look in her mouth much anymore so it’s a guess what all is going on in there. This last tooths breakthrough didn’t seem to faze her at all, let’s hope the rest are pain-free too.

She is so close to standing on her own but seems a little skittish about it, I imagine that is normal. To make the transfer from the ottoman to the couch she wont try on her feet, she will get down on the ground and crawl to it, little chicken. <- Just joking.

My baby is growing!

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