Being Sick

I have saline sprayed & suctioned her nose, rubbed her down with Vicks, gave her baby Advil and teething tablets, I have the humidifier running and we finished with a warm bath. Fingers crossed she sleeps tonight. Kaili is sick…again. Oh and teething which has made for a sleepless and grouchy household. My otherwise happy baby has a bad cough, runny nose and I think a sore throat. As soon as she lays her head down the cough kicks in full force and she can’t get herself to sleep. I think I am sleeping less these past few nights then I did the first few weeks of her life, actually I am sure of it.

Gymboree has to be the culprit and it is really making me rethink our enrollment. Kaili does enjoy herself when she is there and she has a few boyfriends but is it worth all these colds? I am not so sure.

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