Wine Tasting with a Cold in Sonoma

We are back from our weekend trip in Sonoma,well Kaili and I are back and Shane is in Ventura. It was a fun time but a few things were stacked against us. I caught Kaili’s cold a few days before we left and I just felt worse and worse each day. I really didn’t take any pictures or blog at all the whole time we were there, I just wasn’t feeling well enough to do anything that took much thought or energy. Secondly, the weather was cold, rainy and gloomy. Good ol’ northern Cali weather. As beautiful as it is up there I could never live there again, and the it’s cold!

We stayed at a great little B&B called  Cinnamon Bear Creekside Inn. Everyone there was super sweet, the breakfasts were yummy and they gave us a wine tasting card that allowed for free tasting at certain wineries, you can’t beat that.

Kaili did awesome the whole entire trip. She just went with the flow happy about everything. She ate what we ate, didn’t complain about the long car ride, and enjoyed meeting new people and playing on the tasting room floors.

asleep in the car
Chateau St. Jean
Rapazzini winery in Gilroy
Getting some outside time before the rain
crawling around the winery

Once I am feeling a little better I will get her 11 month pictures uploaded. Can you believe that Kaili will be 1 in a few short weeks? I can’t wrap my head around it.

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