11 {Months}

Wow, 11 months old. I keep thinking that each month is my new favorite age but this one truly is the best one so far. Kaili’s personality is really shining through and she is a funny little thing. She thinks the silliest things are hilarious, mama stretching on the ground and mama calling her stinky booty are sure to get her laughing. Wonder where she gets it?

She is such an easy-going, laid back child, man I sure hope this continues through her teen age years. A girl can dream right? She still loves music and lately a bread commercial that airs during the morning news will grab her attention and she will stop what she is doing to watch it. She is also budding into a fine little foodie. There isn’t much she wont eat but there are certain times when she will turn her nose at eggs and avocado. I wonder where she got that from? She just got her two top teeth that makes 4, with a few more on the way.

She is a speedy little thing when she wants to get somewhere before me, but she hasn’t shown any real interest in walking yet. Although, I am not rushing that milestone at all, baby steps.

One thought on “11 {Months}

  1. Love this! 😉 I cannot believe only ONE more month and the lil bean is going to be ONE YEAR OLD!! I mss you guys bunches!!

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