Battling The Stomach Bug

It has been 2 days since Kaili started violently projectile vomiting, 2 long days. Poor thing is starving and it’s heartbreaking to watch her cry for something to eat. She takes Pedialyte just fine although she knows what she really wants.

Yesterday she unloaded what seemed like a gallon of puke onto our bed and Shane. I think she has had more baths these past few days than all month. This morning she threw up what little formula I gave her. She slept 15 plus hours and woke up with a dry diaper so I wanted to offer her something to eat. That came shooting out of her a few minutes later. She then went back to sleep for another hour. Finally after throwing up the Pedialyte I gave her after her nap we took her to see the Dr.

She has the stomach flu. That is what we thought but there is something about the piece of mind I get knowing it’s nothing more. She isn’t too dehydrated, not as hydrated as she should be but we are still in the safe zone. Kaili weighed in at only weighs 16 lbs. She weighed 15 lbs at her 9 month baby well appointment so I am sure she just lost a couple lbs.

I know she picked this up at Gymboree. I took her to a music class Thursday and then became sick on Saturday, if it wasn’t from there then I don’t know where else she would have gotten it. I am dis-enrolling for now.

All I can hope for is this to pass  and hopefully we wont get it. I imagine if it is going to hit Shane, since he got a “taste” of it yesterday then it would show up in the next day or so. Cross your fingers, I don’t need two pukers to take care of.

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