1 Year Checkup and a Few Sea Lions

This morning we headed to the Pediatricians office for Kaili’s one year appointment,these are really no fun at all. She only weighs 17 lbs and is 28 inches long. The dr. isn’t worried about her weight although she is a little low on iron. It’s because the girl just doesn’t eat much. Maybe I should start giving her some  steaks to gnaw on, they can double as a teether too! Speaking of teeth, Kaili now has 3 top teeth with one on the way, 4 bottom teeth and a molar.

She received her TB test, Iron level test and got 4 vaccinations. Poor thing tried to be so strong but alas a few tears were shed. The Dr. said to expect a fever from the Chicken Pox vax for the next few days and a fever from the MMR vax next week. Fingers crossed she sails through without any side effects.

Shane’s folks have been in town since Kaili’s party last weekend and we have had a busy fun-filled week. Shane and I got out for a date night, we don’t get those very often so it was fun to not have to worry about diapers and cleaning up the floor under a high chair for a change. We enjoyed a glass of wine at a French wine bar downtown then hit up Brian Malarkey’s restaurant, Searsucker.

We took Shane’s parents to a few yummy restaurants and we took Kaili to SeaWorld for her first time. I love SeaWorld!! We got ourselves a 2 year membership and I fully intend on getting good use out of it. Kaili had a great time and was such a good girl. She sat through the pet show and the dolphin show. She loved looking at all the Seagulls circling around waiting to get a snack of dolphin food, she enjoyed watching mommy feed the ducks during lunch and she loved the Skyride she went on with Grandma and Grandpa. She wasn’t too sure about the Sea Lions, I think it’s because they are so loud.

“I will wave for fish”
a little unsure
this guy wasn’t messing around, he wanted his fish and he wanted it NOW
enjoying the dolphin show

Kaili enjoyed the Pet Show, so did mommy!

This past week has been a mini-staycation but all good things must come to an end. Shane’s folks have headed home and Shane is back to work on Monday. Time for a cleanse I think, mind and body!

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