Weekend at the Bay

We had a fantastic staycation at the bay this weekend. Great friends, food and fun. Kaili really enjoyed herself, between the  all the kids to play with, the sand to play in and  the birds and boats to look at she was in heaven. The weather couldn’t have been better so were able to enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding and a lot of lounging around in our own controlled chaos.

not a bad view to wake up to
big girl
she did great playing by herself
she did great playing with her friends

fun in the sun

Brad and Michelle
fun with the swan
Kaili took her first ride in the kayak with mommy

I took a video of Kali on the beach. She was playing so nicely all by herself and getting a kick out of watching the kids fly kites.

I am looking forward to next year when she will be able to swim and run and get a little more out of it. Much thanks to the Warezaks for another fun Memorial day weekend!