Meeting Her Maker

Friday was a special day. Kaili got to meet her maker, Dr. Garzo.

“You, put that camera away now!”

We headed over to Reproductive Partners to meet with our Fertility doctor the amazing Dr. Garzo and our wonderful nurse Elina to discuss how my pregnancy went and if we want to do it all over it again.

Dr. Garzo released me to my OBGYN  8 weeks into my pregnancy, although he knew I had a small tear in my placenta he was confident that it would heal itself rather quickly because most of them do. He was shocked to hear about how the the rest of my pregnancy  played out and clearly   surprised about the delivery. He said he was very happy that we opted to transfer a single embryo because if I had gotten pregnant with twins things would have been “much worse.”

We ran through what the game plan would be  if we decide on a sibling for Kaili. Thankfully this time would be a million times easier than the last. I would only  have to visit the office three times. Three times is much better than then the gazillion times I went in 2010. He is very optimistic  in a frozen single embryo transfer being successful and he said  all 9 of our embryos look fantastic.

Dr. Garzo would like me to meet with my Perinatologist  Dr. Stanco to discuss the pros and cons, but basically to see if she would even recommend me going through all this again. He is concerned with how my pregnancy went and needs her thumbs up to do it again.

I guess you could say  I am considering having another baby but my concerns may outweigh my desire to actually go through with it. I am going to make that appointment to see Dr. Stanco so we can either put this to rest or start planning our next baby’s due date.

The wonderful Dr. Garzo and Kaili. She was smitten!
Dr. Garzo, Elina and Kaili

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