Greek Dip for the Block Party

We had our block party Saturday and it was such a fun time. A lot of our neighbors showed up, we had tons of great food and live music from my next door neighbors band.

I made these chocolate chip cookies. They were very good and the recipe makes a ton, so now I have a lot of frozen cookie dough for the future. I also made a greek dip. The original recipe had it as a 7 layer greek dip but to make things easier on myself I combined all the ingredients beside the hummus and tzatziki before hand .The flavors got to hang out and be merry for a few hours and then I just tossed it on top, it was delish. I doubled the recipe and served with pita bread.

Kaili had a fun time mingling with new people, feeding the dogs pita bread and dancing to the music. She also met a little friend from our street who played with her, oh and she took some solo steps. The time is coming soon and we will have ourselves a walker.

The only shot I got of her in these cute glasses. She’s quick like cat.
playing with her new friend

grill time
music time

I don’t think we were ready for the picture

Over all the block party was a success. I met a bunch of great people and one potential baby sitter.


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