Drinking in the Hills

We spent a fun day visiting a couple of wineries this past Saturday. Our good friend Kristi drove from Arizona for a quick visit and we knew where we wanted to take her.

Cordiano Winery sits perfectly perched in the hills of San Pasqual Valley and the atmosphere is priceless. We sat, ate pizza, drank wine and watched Kaili walk around  and around making new friends, with humans and dogs. If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop in for a visit.

not everyone drinks wine at a winery

Kaili has gotten this walking thing down pretty well now. She likes to get a toy and then walk up and down the hallway with it in her hands babbling to herself. You can really see the confidence oozing and it wont be long before she is running. I tried to get her to walk her “puppy” down the hall but getting her to do what I want while the camera is out doesn’t work very well.

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