Camden Town and Some Fish and Chips

We still are having a hard time catching up on sleep. Along with the dreary weather it’s hard to get motivated to do much. Does that seem weird? Today we waited around for Kaili to have a late morning nap and then headed out for a lunch of fish and Chips.

Grandpa and Kaili waiting for lunch
FIsh, chips and mushy peas

After lunch we took a small tour of Camden. We picked up some tomatoes and basil at a farmers market and then had crepes at the stables market.

Shane and a horse
Dad and a horse
humps —> that way
who wants to go to the spread eagle?

Tomorrow we are thinking about seeing Big Ben and maybe a river cruise on the Thames. I hope the sun shows up!

Oh yeah, here are some pictures of the opening ceremony.

3 thoughts on “Camden Town and Some Fish and Chips

  1. Spread Eagle!! Next you’ll get a pic of Topher coming out of a truck stop bathroom! Uhh, the opening ceremony pics are nice too πŸ™‚

  2. hah humps and then around the corner..spread eagle..Love the ending “and oh by the way way, here are some of the coolest event pictures ever” ha πŸ˜‰

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