Being A Mom

Things I love about being a mom:

This beautiful face!

Getting her here was the hardest thing I have done and the proudest I have ever been.

Watching her eyes light up,  every little thing is a new adventure.

The way she wraps her legs tight around me when I hold her.

The way she picks a book, brings it to me and then climbs on my lap.

Her pure love of animals.

When you tell her to “be nice” she will give kisses!

Her laugh when I tickle her.

Watching her and her daddy. True love!

Knowing she is a pure and innocent part of half me and half Shane.

Her sense of humor, I don’t know if I should be proud or worried.

As amazing as being a mom is, there are some things I miss about my pre-kid life. Maybe it’s because I am solo during the week or maybe it’s completely normal…Some things we take for granted before we become parents, here are a few that I miss.

Things I miss now that I am a mom:

Sleeping pills. Some nights I just want to sleep sound and through the night.

Reading books during the day, in the sun.

Sleeping in on weekends and by sleeping in I mean at least until 7:30.

Taco Tuesdays, out of the house.

Daily gym time.

Completing simple tasks without being interuppted.

Lunch breaks. Alone! Very rarely am I all alone.

Although I miss these things, I don’t miss them as much as I love K bear. Some day I will get to do all these things again.

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