Black Friday

This is the first year that I have EVER gone out in public on black Friday. Ok maybe that isn’t true but it was the first time I ever battled the mall, good lord.

We parked about a mile away from the mall and walked off some of our Thanksgiving meal, which by the way was fantastic if I do say so myself. Shane and I whipped up some pretty awesome food. We splurged on a free-range organic turkey which was absolutley divine. It was cooked perfectly, perfectly seasoned and just perfectly perfect.

The mall was as crowded as we imagined it would be but Shane was able to get a great deal or some clothes. Kaili and I hit up the kids play area while he waited in line.

After doing some damage at a few stores we went back home and continued shopping online. I can’t wait to show you my Christmas present!

Our neighbors across the street just put up their Christmas lights {over achievers} now the pressure is on to get into the holiday spirit. I am trying to expose Kaili to Santa Claus via pictures and videos. Something is telling me pictures aren’t going to go as smooth as they did last year.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving fun

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