Speaking about Growth….

Yesterday Kaili and I headed over to Rady Children’s hospital for her speech/language evaluation. What did I learn? Not much more that we already know. Kaili was given a diagnosis of expressive language delay secondary to unknown etiology.  The therapist didn’t think her speech delay has anything to do with her difficult birth given how incredibly smart she is in all other areas. She was truly impressed with Kaili’s cognitive skills and the way she follows directions. It really was neat to sit back and watch Kaili interact with a stranger, carefully listening and following directions. It makes this whole situation a little sweeter. The therapist was impressed with how well she can communicate nov-verbally, although I do regret not teaching her sign-language, but the past is the past and we can only move forward.

Now what? It is recommended that Kaili see an individual speech therapist twice a week for 6 months, progress at that time will determined. Sometimes I think Kaili has the ability to talk but is timid about trying. Shane and I both think it will all click one day but for now we will seek help. Nothing harder than trying to help a frustrated child, that is why early intervention is always best. I have had countless people tell me “why do you want her to talk? Once she starts you are going to wish she never started”. I can tell you that I am really tired of hearing that, and I promise I will never say that.

waiting for the Dr.
waiting for the Dr.

Today we went back to the Dr. for her growth check. In November her weight and height had plateaued. I was almost positive it was because she had gotten a bad cold back in October and really wiped out her appetite. Two months later she has gained a pound and her height has jumped up quite a bit. I mean she is still itty bitty but the Dr. was happy to see things moving in the right direction.

Weight Growth Chart
Weight Growth Chart
Height Growth Chart
Height Growth Chart

Operation “fatten up baby” success! Now we wait to hear back about her speech therapy.

2 thoughts on “Speaking about Growth….

  1. Great news. Glad she is growing. It can only help going to speech therapy. We all know how smart she is. Thanks for the update.

  2. Somebody I work with has a son a few months older than Kaili. He hasn’t starting talking, either, but he is able to communicate in sign language. Now the parents are wondering if the sign language was a good idea, because he’s able to communicate so well, he has no incentive to start talking.

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