House Guest

We now have an Arizona native living with us. Our good friends daughter has left the nest and come out to try life in sunny San Diego. She will be helping me with K and hopefully working to pay for the gas she plans on putting in this car.


Yep, this b*tch got herself a BMW for her first car. This was my dream car in high school, it’s the car Kelly drove on 90210, it was the epitome of awesomeness in the 90’s.

I wanted to introduce you to Kiah as now she will probably be appearing in my blog posts and pictures. I didn’t want you to be all “who is this chick who is always at their house.”  So now you know. I think it’s going to be a culture shock for her, living with an almost 2 year old isn’t glamorous as she has already learned not to leave a hot straightener on the floor where little hands can get to it. K has two little blisters on her fingers now.

I hope she meets some great friends and loves living out here, I mean who wouldn’t? It’s been in the mid 70s this past week and we are six miles from the beach, zoo, SeaWorld and all that good stuff. She has the world at her fingertips, I am a little envious.

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