The Taboo On Infertility

Some women, {me now} don’t mind sharing the daunting process of getting her ovaries plumped up with daily injections and then  going through the painful process of having a needle poked into those same ovaries to remove the multiple eggs she made. Other women,{me then} have a very a hard time coming to grips with the fact that she couldn’t make a baby the old-fashioned way and announcing that to friends and family is very hard to do. Infertility is an extremely  stressful thing to go through, more so when miscarriages are involved {that is my opinion}. When you do decided to let people know why you aren’t pregnant yet they want to be supportive but a lot of the time they don’t know what to say. You end up hearing things like ” you two just need to relax, go on vacation. It will happen” or ” maybe it’s just time to give it a rest, God has a plan and he only gives you what he knows you can handle” Oh, so I should just get over my life long dream to be a mother? Suck it up and get over how  sad and depressed that  would make me?- (smack hand on forehead) Awesome advice! Thanks I feel so much better now!!  These things are usually said by people who had sex without a condom and got pregnant without trying. Ugh, I hate those people.

But I was very lucky to become pregnant, stay pregnant and leave the hospital with my sweet child, and the whole process has made me a much stronger person. I don’t know if there is anything harder than accepting infertility. However these days doctors and technology are amazing so that makes it a little easier. I just wish it was easier for women to talk about. It shouldn’t be a shameful thing{even though it sure feels like it}.


Thinking about all this put a vision in my head. My daughter at 9 years old wants to know about the “birds and the bee’s”. I sit her down for the talk, maybe it goes like this” Well dear, it happens in a doctor’s office where daddy performs the “secret handshake” in a fluorescent lit room while mommy lays naked from the waist down, legs spread and another man…” Too much? How about:”When a MasterCard and a doctor love each other very much…” Moms and dads feel free to send your children to me when the time comes. I will be happy to teach them where babies come from!

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