Monday Things

Just some things I came across this weekend.

1 year ago today
1 year ago today

1. Wow, just wow. These child abuse ads are something powerful.

2. Her book “Everything is Perfect When You Are A Liar”  just came out and it’s getting good reviews. Tonight I shall start it.

3. Have you ever heard of black cocoa powder?  I may have to do more research.

4. This list of encouraging words will come in very useful.

5. Found this beauty of a blog. Vegetarian with some gluten free recipes thrown in.

6. I would gladly eat this for breakfast, or lunch or dinner.

7. Did you hear? Charlie on Girls is exiting the show..BOO hiss. Who will Marnie date next?

8. I don’t know when I would ever do this, but these DIY ombre thank you cards are lovely.

9.  Meltdown city, looking at this cutie makes me  very thankful K isn’t overly sensitive and my uterus shudders.

1o. Dreaming of staying in one of these again.

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