Monday Things

1 year ago
1 year ago

1. Wowza, have you seen this latest gun control ad?

2. Ain’t this the truth?

3. This made me want to lick the screen.

4. Anyone in the market for a new tattoo? Some of these are really awesome and almost make me want to get another one.

5. I love this idea, hours and hours of outdoor fun.

6. A birth wreath? Ridiculous. She explains it spot on.

7. Have you tried these? I am very curious.

8. A crostini party, why haven’t I thought of this before? This. Will. Happen.

9. Some of these are pure genius, some a little silly. I love the shoe shopping idea and the swing idea, definitely thought up my a man.

10. Kaili’s future room? So bright and colorful, I could live in there.

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